The Ocean as Your Muse: Bali's Tsunami-Inspired Science Center

Floating Research Facility in Bali

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How do you prepare for a tsunami? That’s not a terribly pressing question for Americans, who happen to live in an area with relatively calm waters (with the exception of the occasional city-drowning hurricane). For people who live along the Pacific Ring of Fire, figuring out how to deal with the inevitability of disastrous tsunamis can save billions of dollars and thousands of lives.

Researchers in Bali, Indonesia want to float a marine research center out in the Indian Ocean in order to collect data about tsunamis. They held a competition to see which architectural firm could come up with the best design, and Solus4 really stepped up to the plate.

Their proposal fuses a sleek floating building with the high-tech gadgetry that scientists would need to perform their research. I have to say that the building is really quite beautiful, even though it is kind of reminiscent of a stapler.

Floating Science Center

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The neat thing about the facility is that it could help pay for itself. The structure is divided into public, semipublic, and private areas. Scientists would mostly stick to the private areas with their computers and Bunsen burners, while the public could enjoy the lovely floating facility complete with its library, auditorium, and garden. The research facility isn’t designed to be a cash cow or anything, but increasing public accessibility could help connect everyday people to the cause of tsunami research.

This is all interesting news for the people of Bali, but I’m particularly interested in the research facility because of its aesthetic. The flowing patterns and the fusion of white and blue coloration create a structure that is immediately reminiscent of its surroundings. This facility doesn’t just rest on the surface of the water – it draws its inspiration from it. The building almost mimics the very tsunamis that it is meant to help scientists observe.

Bali's Marine Research Facility

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You could just as easily do the same type of thing for a home aquarium. Rather than aiming for a square glass box, you could have an aquarium that draws its inspiration from the sea itself. Why not aim for an aesthetic that has the curving flow of waves or the gentle slopes of a fish? When it comes to aquariums, you are basically only as limited as your imagination, and the people at Okeanos Group can help you make your vision for a beautiful custom aquarium a reality.


6 thoughts on “The Ocean as Your Muse: Bali's Tsunami-Inspired Science Center

  1. Kathi

    you wanna save Bali? so built your Center.. but If you built it.. you will maybe save the Island but not the Environment underwater !!


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