Bringing Land to the Sea with the Manmade HawAda Island

HawAda Manmade Island

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When it comes to aquatic architecture, we tend to bring water onto land. We’ve got aquariums, fountains, ponds, and other manmade structures that allow us to enjoy serene images of water in our own backyards. Modern advances in technology is finally allowing us to do the opposite on a massive scale: bring a chunk of land with us into the sea.

Dror Benshertit's Manmade Island

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Designer and architect Dror Benshetrit wants to build a canal between the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara. That would facilitate transportation between the two bodies of water, but here’s the big question: what do you do with the billion cubic meters of dirt that’s left over? Benshetrit’s solution is to dump it into the ocean and create a gigantic manmade island city, HawAda.

Benshetrit’s idea is to arrange residences along the six hill-shaped masses that would dot the island, and then place parks along the valleys. The hills would actually be hollow, geodesic domes that support businesses and other commercial spaces. Wake up to a beautiful view of the ocean, walk to the inside of the dome to do your work for the day, and then take a stroll down to the valley to hang out with your buddies from the neighboring hill. It’s not a bad idea on paper – it would provide just about everything that people would need to stay happy.


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An island idea like this naturally lends itself to new and innovative aquatic art projects. You’ve already got a play space that incorporates manmade terrain with the surrounding sea, so why not use it? I could envision public aquariums within the geodesic domes, fountains along the valleys, or ponds nestled in the center of the island that collect rainwater runoff from the nearby hills.

You could use this as inspiration for your home aquarium. One thing that is a little bit misleading about aquariums is the “aqua” part. Sure, aquariums have water, but they don’t only have water. They’ve got sand, rock, coral, and any number of other terrestrial features. Keep in mind that you can include massive underwater landscapes in your aquarium. Do you want the bottom of your aquarium to resemble the Grand Canyon or the New York City skyline? The experts at Okeanos Group can help you reach your vision. All you need is the idea, and Okeanos Group will take care of the rest.

HawAda Manmade Island

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