How to Bring Rainfall Indoors, But Stay Nice and Dry

Random International Rain Room

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Humans build houses primarily for one reason: to escape the elements. There’s nothing better than staying inside of your cozy home on a miserably rainy day. At the same time, though, the sound of rain is somewhat calming and we generally find water beautiful. That puts humans into a sort of love-hate relationship with rain. We like looking at rain and listening to it, but the second we have to go outside and get wet we start to hate it.

Random International has an installation that attempts to capture the best of both worlds. It’s a 100-square-meter room with perpetual indoor rainfall. Blegh – go to an art gallery just to get soaked and walk around with soggy shoes all day? No thank you.

Rain Room Random International

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Well, that’s the cool thing about it. You can walk through the entire room without getting a single drop of water on you. The room utilizes 3D cameras that track your movement and selectively deactivate parts of the room so that viewers are always in a dry bubble. The effect is a clever optical illusion that makes it look as though people are being doused in rainwater, but in fact they’re perfectly comfortable. Pretty clever, eh?

Random International Rain Room

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Most people would loathe the idea of rain falling in their living rooms, but this installation proves that with a bit of clever engineering, you can make a beautiful rainfall installation that won’t leave people drenched. If you happen to be a rain lover, Okeanos Group could incorporate elements of falling rain into your private aquarium or fountain – whether it’s indoors or out.

I’m not proposing that you turn your living room into a Random International rain room or anything – I’m just saying that you could safely replicate rainwater to create a beautiful art piece. For example, take a basic aquarium and extend its glass walls upward a few extra feet. Place a rainwater device at the top of the aquarium to create a constant stream of rain that trickles down to the surface of your aquarium. It would create a striking contrast between the erratic waters at the top of the art piece and the serene, slow-moving fish at the bottom of the aquarium.

Incorporate Rain into Your Aquarium

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It’s a peculiar approach to aquatic art, but Okeanos Group is all about catering to peculiar tastes. If you can dream it up, Okeanos Group can build it. Having a top-notch aquarium in your living room will give you bragging rights all on its own, but how many people can honestly say that they’ve got a miniature tempest next to their sofa?


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