A Touching Moment: How to Bring the Sense of Touch to your Aquarium

Touching Water

Image source: Matrikevolution.blogspot.com

As much as I love aquariums, they have one slight weakness that’s difficult to get around: they generally don’t incorporate the sensation of touch. Dog lovers and cat lovers will definitely know what I’m talking about. It’s nice to have a furry companion that you can cuddle up with, but most people aren’t going to reach into their aquarium and pet their fish. So, for today’s Fishy Friday, we’re going to take a look at ways to incorporate the sensation of touch into your aquarium. I’m not going to try to transform your aquarium into a petting zoo, but there are ways to appreciate the tactile sensations of your aquarium without getting your hands wet.

Pair Lush Fabric with Frilly Aquatic Grass

Sea Grass and Shag Pillow

Image source: Chirpandbuzzandroar.blogspot.com and Aquaticplantcentral.com

Freshwater aquariums often have a lush carpet of delicate grass-like plants. Just looking at these green aquascapes immediately calls to mind the sensation of grass between your toes on a warm summer day. You can’t really bring grass into your home (and you certainly don’t want to stick your foot in your aquarium). What you can do, though, is equip your living space with thick, shaggy fabrics.

For example, a shag carpet creates an immediate tactile and visual symmetry between the plant life and your living space. The only real challenge would be figuring out how to fuse a sleek, modern aquarium like the kind you can get from Okeanos Group with a carpet that’s been out of style since the 70s. My advice? Take a look at shag pillows or other frilly pieces of furniture.

Pair Water with Metal

Touching Water and Metal

Image source: Blog.swopt.net and Ccdf.ca

The thing that we most commonly associate with water is temperature. Water is refreshing, whether you jump into a swimming pool or take a swig of ice-cold water. You can replicate that cool-to-the-touch sensation by adding metal to your living space. The reflective properties of metal are also reminiscent of the water in your aquarium, especially if you use blue steel (and I don’t mean the Zoolander expression). Metal looks and feels like water, and it’s a popular building material in modern decor. How can you go wrong?

Pair Coral and Sea Creatures with Plants

Images source: Fish-journal.com and Romanticeditor.blogspot.com

Coral is actually a colony of animals, but it looks like plant life. I highly recommend that you avoid touching coral because you could damage it. Plants, on the other hand, are a bit more human-friendly. You can populate your living space with plants that mimic your aquarium wildlife on both tactile and visual levels. There’s even a special type of cactus known as a coral cactus – it’ll be right up your alley!

Coral Cactus

Image source: Flickrhivemind.net


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