Singapore's Gardens by the Bay: Where Lush Green Meets Sparkling Blue

Gardens by the Bay

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Green is the new black. Want proof? Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay was recently crowned as the World Building of the Year by the 2012 World Architecture Festival. The whole facility, which is actually a park consisting of several buildings, is celebrated for its seamless integration of architecture with natural greenery.

Gardens by the Bay Artificial Trees

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Take these tree pillars for example. They put a new twist on the garden walls that have been popping all over the world by arranging plants in a column. Wire-like protrusions along the top of the structures create a tree-like picture that’s part natural, and part artificial.

They also have a massive, several-story plant wall. Visitors can climb up through the structure’s interior in order to appreciate a panoramic view of the expansive greenhouse. Man-made waterfalls create a constant stream of water, which peacefully trickles down the side of the planted wall.

Gardens by the Bay Planted Wall

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As an aquarium lover, my first thought when I see this planted wall is, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a pond with fish at the bottom of that waterfall?”

It’s actually surprising that you don’t see planted walls and aquariums side-by-side more often. They seem like the perfect pair when you think about it – both of them act as visual showpieces, and both use artful architecture to display natural beauty.

Gardens by the Bay

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It wouldn’t be difficult to combine these two eco-friendly art pieces in your home or office. Essentially, all you would need to do is install a planted wall above your aquarium. You could even include a waterfall-like device that causes water to slide down the surface of your planted wall and into your aquarium.

Likewise, you could also bring the planted wall aesthetic underwater. Many aquariums replicate the ocean floor with rocky outcroppings resting among the sand, but you could just as easily create an aquatic cliff face with a rock wall on the back of your aquarium. Coral and other planted sea life would hang off of their vertical habitat to create a truly unique aquscape.

Gardens by the Bay Planted Wall

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Can you imagine an aquarium that combines both of these features? The lush, green plantlife on your planted wall would stand in stark contrast to the colorful, bone-like coral along your aquarium’s rock wall. Green and blue — different yet similar — working together to create a harmonious picture of nature.


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