A Season of Colors: An Autumn-Inspired Aquarium

Floating Autumn Leaf

Image source: Sweetmuskan.com

It’s October, a time that seems to be dominated by the color orange. Leaves slowly change from green to orange, pumpkins line the front porches of suburban neighborhoods, and kids happily munch on candy corn. Today, we’re going to use the beautiful, vibrant colors of October as inspiration for Autumn-themed aquarium ideas. Say goodbye to the cool, blue colors of traditional aquariums and welcome the warm, fiery hues of red, orange, and yellow!

Orange Fish

What is it about fish and the color orange? Perhaps it’s a bizarre coincidence, but some of the most popular fish are orange. The goldfish, with its vivid gold-orange hues and glittering scales, is a classic choice for any home aquarium. Those of you with a saltwater aquarium can opt for orange, black, and white clownfish, which have exploded in popularity after the release of Finding Nemo.


Image source: Listspress.com

There are dozens of other lesser-known species of fish that have a bright orange coloration. The yellow candy hogfish (despite its name) can have a vibrant orange body with yellow fins. The flame angelfish combines intense orange and red colors with icy blue tones on the tips of its fins.

Flame Angel Fish

Image source: Wikipedia.org

Orange Plants

Surprisingly, red is a common color among aquatic plants. Many species of plants swirl red and green together into soft, warm hues that border on orange and red-brown. The Cadomba furcate is a brilliant example. This frilly plant is typically green closer to its central stem and then slowly transitions to a blushing pink at the tips. The transition between the two colors creates a warm, yellow-orange color.

Cadomba furcate

Image source: Aquascapingworld

Not orange enough for you? Take a look at the red watermilfoil, but don’t be fooled by its name. This vibrantly orange, spiky plant is reminiscent of an orange sun as it crests over the horizon.

Red Watermilfoil

Image source: Aquaticplantcentral.com

Orange Coral

When you want bright, vivid colors, your best bet is a saltwater aquarium. The ocean is full of species of gorgeous orange coral that will add a warm glow to your home aquarium. The orange sun coral, for example, is like an underwater explosion of fire.

Orange Coral

Image source: Photography.nationalgeographic.com

Other species of orange cup coral provide you with a variety of shapes and hues for your fall-inspired aquarium.

Orange Sun Coral

Image source: Reefs2go.com

Orange Crustaceans

Many different species of shrimp are orange, though they vary greatly within the yellow-orange-red spectrum. These miniscule crustaceans can add a splash of warm color to your aquarium.

Orange Shrimp

Image source: Unclenedsfishfactory.com

Starfish don’t count as crustaceans, technically, but these tough-skinned sea creatures are a popular choice for their vibrant colors and their rough texture.

Orange Starfish

Image source: Wanderlustandlipstick.com


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