3 Interior Decorating Tips for Designing a Room Around an Aquarium

Okeanos Group Aquarium Interior Decorating

Image source: Okeanosgroup.com

Aquariums are so beautiful and captivating that they will completely dominate a living space. As lovely as they are, though, it’s important to remember that they need to aesthetically mesh with everything else in the living space. So today, we’re going to put on our interior decorator hat and examine a few tips for creating a visually cohesive aeshetic.

Water-Shaped Furniture

You don’t want to go overboard with furniture and art pieces that invoke images of water, otherwise your home will start to look less like a modern living space and more like a kitschy theme restaurant. That being said, a careful selection of aquatic furniture can help bring your aquascape into focus.

Splash Lounge

Image source: Atelier29.blogspot.com

This lounge chair is a good example because it is visually reminiscent of water, but the white color makes it look more like milk than seawater. It will automatically remind viewers of your aquarium, even if the lounge chair is placed out in your backyard next to your pool. Alternatively, this wave-shaped sofa can add a subtle touch of aquatic grace to a living space.

Wave Sofa

Image source: Jillsharpstyle.com

Hanging Art Pieces

Crystal, glass, and clear materials are a perfect complement to aquariums because they look similar to ice cubes or water droplets. Sparkling art pieces can help elevate a room into a truly elegant and classy living space. Glittering surfaces gently call attention to the brilliant scales of your fish and the shimmering water of your aquarium.

Hanging Wall Lamp

Image source: Trendir.com

In the art piece below, the shape of the installation mimics a wave and the suspended discs resemble falling rain.  As you can see, these art pieces enhance the visual impact of an aquarium without being too redundant with aquatic imagery.

Hanging Chandelier

Image source: Fg-artdevivre.blogspot.com

Complimentary Colors

Probably the easiest way to compliment your aquarium is to make use of colors that draw the eye back to your aquascape. That doesn’t mean that you have to make your entire living space blue — a few subtle cues is more than enough to enhance the beauty of your home aquarium.

Purple Flowers and Purple Fish

Image source: Superhdwallpaper.com, Reefkeeping.com

Flowers are a great way to add color to a room, especially because they can interact with water in visually breath-taking ways. Select a fresh bouquet of flowers that closely mimics the coloration of one of your most beautiful fish, and suddenly you have a visual tag-team that’s sure to delight your guests.


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