The Beauty of Aquatic Art

Kinetic Rain

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Last week we took a look at beautiful art installations that can complement your aquascape. This week we’re going to kick things off by taking a look at a few gorgeous installations that are triumphs of aquatic beauty and artistic design.

The Changi Airport in Singapore wanted a unique art installation that was sure to catch the attention of potential fliers. The Berlin firm ART+COM stepped up to the plate with this stunning piece. Called Kinetic Rain, the installation features 608 metallic rain droplets suspended from delicate steel wires. A complex machine on the ceiling moves each individual droplet in precise choreographed sequences to create dancing raindrops.

Just watch it in action, and be sure to view it full screen.

It’s an amazing display – like watching tiny metallic ballerinas flitting through the air. Sometimes they mimic the organic beauty of the natural world, such as in rainfall or clouds, and other times they highlight arcing domes geometric shapes from the world of architecture and arithmetic.

To contrast Kinetic Rain, we’re going to hold it up against two other art pieces that also invoke the unique shapes of moving water. Zero Hidrografico, for example, is a serene, high-tech (and slightly noisy) art piece that has a dramatically different effect on the viewer. Despite its bold colors and the mechanical hum, this art piece is soothing, and so relaxing that it rivals a trip to the spa.

The following installation, Underwater, focuses more on immersion by placing the wave patterns above the viewer. It does exactly what the name suggests – it gives viewers a sense of what it feels like to walk beneath the waves.

These art pieces highlight the fact that aquatic art, including aquariums, can act as a blank canvas. They can be elegant and serene, bold and dramatic, organic and vivid – virtually anything that you can imagine.

It would be accurate to think of aquarium designers as engineers, architects, and wildlife experts, but that wouldn’t be giving them full credit. More than anything else, they are artists who tap into the beauty inherent to water and use it to complement a living space. An aquascape can be as captivating as a Van Gogh painting hanging on your wall, or as subtle and elegant as an unassuming Japanese sculpture on your bookshelf.

In many ways, an aquarium is like a blank canvas. Do you want to create a classic art piece that highlights simplistic beauty, like Kinetic Rain, or do you want a bolder aquascape with vivid colors, like Zero Hidrografico?



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