Let Your Inner Child Bounce Across the Trampoline Bridge

Trampoline Bridge

Image source: Zundelcristea.com

Why walk when you can dance? Why talk when you can sing? Why stand when you can bounce? That’s the philosophy behind the Trampoline Bridge. It’s pretty much exactly as the name suggests: a bridge that invites pedestrians to hop, flip, and bounce to the other side of the river. I highly recommend finishing off your piping-hot coffee before walking across this bridge.

It looks positively delightful, but I know what you must be thinking: isn’t a trampoline bridge a little bit impractical? Sure, but don’t forget that letting people have fun is just as important as helping them get to work on time. The French design firm, Atelier Zündel Cristea (AZC), came up with the idea as part of a competition and secured third place. They explain on the website, “It appears to us that Paris has the bridges and passages necessary for the flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic across its waterways. Our intention is to invite its visitors and inhabitants to engage on a newer and more playful path across this same water.”

Trampoline Bridge Profile

Image source: Zundelcristea.com

They’ve got a point. Does Paris really need another boring bridge? They’ve got plenty of those already. This one will focus more on the “joyful release from gravity.” Plus, this is probably the best way to put a smile back on your face if you’re stuck hoofing it because of a busted transmission.

Here’s one thing that you might not notice. In the top-most picture, do you see the stairs that lead to the jumping platform? Look right next to it. Once you’re done hopping around, you actually slide back down the sidewalk.

So, why am I talking about the Trampoline Bridge today? I like to illustrate just how classy and elegant an aquarium can be, but elegant isn’t for everybody. Some people prefer things that are wacky, zany, and just plain fun. After all, would you build an aquarium for your child that looks the same as an aquarium that you build for your office? Probably not.

The Trampoline Bridge of Paris

Image source: Zundelcristea.com

Naturally, a fun-focused aquarium would be best suited for a kid in your life. You could equip your nursery or your child’s bedroom with an exciting custom aquarium that helps stimulate the child in all of us – much like AZC’s delightful bridge. Your aquarium could include bright colors, wacky shapes, or even floating art pieces that drift across the surface of your aquarium, a bit like rubber ducks.

The holiday season is right around the corner – what could possibly be a better gift for your child than announcing that you are going to replace an entire wall of his bedroom with a custom aquarium, or that he can have an aquascape inspired by his favorite SpongeBob Square Pants cartoon?

Trampoline Bridge Concept Art

Image source: Zundelcristea.com

There’s a time and a place for classy aquariums – just like there’s a time and a place for business suits. There’s also a time for flip-flops, though, so kick back and let the Trampoline Bridge awaken your inner child. Together, you can come up with a delightful custom aquarium that’s sure to put a smile on your face.


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