Where Flame Meets Water: China's Fiery Golden Moon Exhibit

Golden Moon Exhibit

Image source: Inhabitat.com

According to ancient Chinese mythology, the moon goddess Chang’e is only able to descent to Earth to visit her husband, Houyi, during the full moon of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Chinese people celebrate the holiday by throwing a big party. The centerpiece for 2012’s celebration is the massive Golden Moon art piece.

Simultaneously reminiscent of a flower, a Chinese floating lantern, and a glowing moon, the Golden Moon exhibit is lit with LEDs to create a vibrant scene. The structure has bamboo scaffolding and was built the old-fashioned way with ancient building techniques. What’s even more remarkable is that the whole thing was built in just 11 days, and it was only open to the public for six days. Much like Chang’e’s love, the Golden Moon exhibit could only light up the world for a brief period.

Golden Moon by LEAD

Image source: Inhabitat.com

The exhibit was built in the middle of the pool, which adds to the floating lantern feel. The beautiful, fiery lights reflected off of the surface of the water to create a stunning aquascape where the celestial met the terrestrial.

But yellows and oranges aren’t the only colors in the Golden Moon’s repertoire. The installation gradually shifts in colors from red, to pink, to yellow, and then eventually to green and blue.

Golden Moon Lights

Image source: Inhabitat.com

Hopefully, the Golden Moon exhibit can serve as inspiration for your next custom aquarium. Let its lights guide you towards an aquascape that explores every hue of the rainbow. Marvel at the way its flowing contours sparkle off of the surface of the water to create a stunning interplay between water and light. And you can always take a much more regional approach by creating a Chinese-inspired aquarium.

Golden Moon

Image Source: Inhabitat.com

In my opinion, the best thing to take from the Golden Moon exhibit is to understand the importance of focus. An aquarium, much like a room or a piece of art, can benefit from a central focal point that draws the eye inward. The Golden Moon completely dominates the night sky with bright colors. Your aquarium could use something a bit more subtle, like a large coral formation that is near the center of your aquarium. Alternatively, a piece of river wood flanked by flowing freshwater plants can create a framed aquascape that keeps the viewer’s eye centered. Whatever your strategy, a well-framed and beautifully arranged aquascape can be as captivating as the goddess Chang’e, herself.


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