How to Pair Your Aquarium with Stunning Art Pieces

Aquatic Art

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Aquariums are pieces of art. They may contain living organisms, but that doesn’t  change the fact that they’re visually breathtaking aquascapes that reflect the artistic preferences of their creators. Today we’re going to think outside of the tank, so to speak, by taking a look at more conventional pieces of art. After all, creating a compelling color pattern between your fish and your coral isn’t the only way to draw attention to your aquascape. Adding beautiful sculptures and paintings that depict aquatic environments can complement your stunning custom aquarium.

Shells and Natural Art Pieces

Nautilus Shell

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Probably the simplest way to add some aquatic charm to a living space is to incorporate specimens from the natural world. Art styles change every generation, but the elegant beauty of a gently curving shell is timeless. Seashells, sand dollars, and starfish can add a bit of rustic charm to your home, all while subtly drawing attention to your aquarium.

Glass and Crystal Art

Sub Aquatic Art

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Glass is inherently a perfect pair to aquatic art because the material is so visually similar to bodies of water. Stained glass art pieces, crystal sculptures, or hanging glass art pieces will create visual symmetry between your crystal-clear aquarium waters and your sparkling art pieces.

Matching Colors

Purple and Yellow Painting Fish

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Your art pieces don’t necessarily have to depict fish or aquascpaes in order to draw attention back to your aquarium. Sometimes, it’s as simple as creating compelling color patterns that enhance the colors in your aquarium. Paintings that predominately display blue or orange would be a perfect pair to your aquarium’s sapphire hues. Alternatively, you could aim for green or red to complement a verdant freshwater aquarium. Check out our color guide for more ways to create striking color pairs.

Style Coherence

Bonsai Tree and Nature Aquarium

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Sometimes, it all boils down to style. Your aquarium, much like your furniture, can feature a number of aesthetic styles. If you have a Japanese-inspired aquarium, you could include bonsai trees or other pieces of Asian art in your living space to create a coherent aesthetic. Likewise, rich wood furniture would be a perfect pair to freshwater aquascapes that feature overgrown plant life and sunken branches.


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