Bring Your Business to the Next Level with An Indoor Koi Pond

Indoor Koi Pond in Corporate Building

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How much would you pay to advertise your business? Entrepreneurs put up billboards, create clever marketing taglines, and lead online marketing campaigns to ensure that their business is a success. But what happens when customers walk into your business? Is your office space striking enough that customers will never forget it? Will they tell their friends about this “amazing office building” that they visited? A great way to make a brilliant first impression is to wow your potential customers with a breath-taking indoor pond.

An indoor pond? Are we crazy? No, it’s really not as outlandish as it sounds. Indoor ponds can be an excellent way to transform a large, empty space into a beautiful aquascape. Just take this pond in a New Jersey corporate center, for example. It is an Asian-inspired freshwater koi pond, complete with colorful fish, a small fountain in the center of the pond, and captivating pink flowers.

Indoor Koi Pond

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What makes this pond so striking is how it interacts with the rest of the building. As you can see, the pond mirrors the surrounding architecture in style. Both the pond and the building are simple and relatively unadorned, creating a calming atmosphere that allows the central flower garden to shine through as the building’s centerpiece.

The pond also plays with the distinction between the natural and the artificial. The architecture of the building is angular and grey, complete with polished marble and shining, reflective metal. With so many sharp angles and bright surfaces, nothing about this lobby’s architecture is organic. The pond, on the other hand, is like a window into the natural world — an oasis of life amid a sea of concrete and metal. The miniature flower garden at the center of the pond seems to echo that concept. Adding a bit of life to your business could be a good idea — some studies suggest that shoppers are less stressed when there are plants around.

Indoor Koi Pond

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My favorite aspect of this pond isn’t so much the aquascape itself, but that it’s situated perfectly beneath the stairs. Anyone walking up or down the stairs will have an incredible birds-eye view of the pond.

This koi pond is a clever investment. The pond will encourage businesses to set up shop in the corporate center, and it will also attract customers for those businesses. You can count on customers to market your business for you by describing your beautiful pond to their friends. An aquascape like this may very well pay itself off in a few months by attracting curious visitors, encouraging repeat customers, or through word-of-mouth advertising. Besides, a koi pond might bring good luck. According to the principles of Feng Shui, gold-colored fish can help you make more money.


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