Can You Really Fit a Pond in Your Living Room? Yes!

Okeanos Group Indoor Pond

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A few days ago, we took a look at how custom koi ponds can transform an indoor business space into a beautiful centerpiece. Ponds are the perfect fit for large office building lobbies, but what about private residences? Would it be possible to install a pond into an everyday living space?

To put it simply: yes. Ponds in the wild are usually fairly large, ranging from tens of feet to hundreds of feet across. Naturally, you can’t put a 100-foot-wide pond in your living room, and even a ten-foot-wide one is kind of a stretch. What you can do, though, is rearrange the shape of a pond to make it much more space-efficient. Some ponds can even be as small as a bowl of cereal.

Custom Pond and Waterwall by Okeanos Group

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Take this lengthy aquascape, for example. Technically, it’s part of a business and not part of a residential home, but its long shape and winding, wall-hugging design would fit nicely in a spacious living room. This aquascape is fairly close to getting into aquarium territory, but it would be much more accurate to call it a pond. The open top and low elevation mean that the best way to view the aquascape is from a standing position, looking down. The glass panels on the side of the aquascape give it a slight aquarium feel, though.

The gorgeous waterwall panels add to the overall effect of the aquascape, creating a soothing flow of water that brings the pond to life. The whole pond, with its rectangular shapes and right angles, fits perfectly with the modern décor of the office space.

Indoor Pond

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The pond is actually quite large, but at the same time it’s conveniently out of the way. It’s almost like an aquatic entertainment system. Devoting an entire wall to a narrow pond aquascape really isn’t that different from filling one wall of a room with a flat screen TV and an entertainment system.

A great way to incorporate this pond into a private residence would be to situate the pond directly beneath a window. Replace the waterwalls with a view of your backyard and you have a beautiful aquascape, kind of like a window sill garden. Some people grow parsley, sage, and other healthy, fat-burning cooking spices in their window sills – you could grow lily pads and leafy river plants.

Indoor Pond with Waterwall Fixtures

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