How Freshwater Aquariums Can Brighten Your Living Space

Farber Center Custom Aquarium

Image source:

Windows are probably the easiest way to add a lot of light to a living space. Fortunately, there are a couple of other design tricks that can brighten a room. White paint, for example, will make a room feel lighter. Another clever trick is to install a vibrant aquarium.

I know it might seem a bit odd. Many of us think of aquariums as being a bit on the dark side. I think this probably comes from the fact that many public aquariums have soft lighting in order to place more focus on the aquariums. We also associate deep water with murky darkness.

Custom Freshwater Aquarium

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That may be true in the deep blue sea, but it’s a completely different matter with aquariums. Creating a stunning freshwater aquarium is a great way to add some light and vibrant energy to a room. Why freshwater and not saltwater, you ask? Well, the unique properties of freshwater aquariums promote a bright, lively mood. Freshwater aquariums are typically crystal-clear, and freshwater plants are often a vibrant green color, almost bordering on yellow. And as we know from the aquarium color guide, bright greens and yellows promote a warm atmosphere.

This custom aquarium in New York’s Farber Center, for example, adds vivid light to the living space. The soft, brown furniture and hardwood floor compliment the bright green plant life perfectly, and the flawless, clear aquarium water mirrors the pristine white furniture. As you can see, this aquarium melds seamlessly into the overall aesthetic of the room. The room feels clean, organic, fresh, and — above all — bright.

Closeup of a Custom Freshwater Aquarium

Image source:

One of the things that makes this aquarium so successful is that it provides a clear view of a window on the opposite side. Rather than blocking the natural light, this aquarium allows sunlight to flow through the aquarium and spill into the waiting area. It also allows people in the next room to appreciate the sun-bathed aquarium.

Freshwater Aquarium at the Farber Center

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Overall, this aquarium is a perfect example of how beautiful an aquascape can be when it is custom-tailored to a living space. Aquariums, just like furniture, should be carefully customized to a room to create a more cohesive aesthetic.


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