5 Easy Aquarium Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Fish Happy and Healthy

Fish Health and Aquarium Maintenance

Image source: Fishbreeds.net

Aquariums can serve as an art piece, but one thing that’s important to keep in mind with your home aquarium is that it’s going to require maintenance. 

The easiest way to handle aquarium maintenance is to let the experts handle it. Okeanos Group will not only design your aquarium, but they can also keep your aquarium in perfect shape. It might be odd to think of aquarium maintenance professionals stopping by your house every now and then, but it really isn’t any different from hiring landscapers or a pool cleaning service.

For those who prefer a slightly more hands-on approach, these handy tips will help you maintain a healthy home aquarium.

1. Maintain a Healthy Diet

Feeding Koi

Image source: Setuptank.com

You are what you eat! This just as true for fish and coral as it is for humans. There are plenty of diet websites out there that give you tips about eating healthy foods, but creating a balanced diet for your aquatic ecosystem can be a little bit tricky. The most important thing to keep in mind with aquatic ecosystems is to do your homework. The perfect food for one type of fish might be inedible to other sea creatures.

2. The Goldilocks Temperature: Juuuust Right

Fish Frozen in Block of Ice

Image source: Buzzhunt.co.uk

When it gets chilly people just throw on a coat or turn up the thermostat. Changes in water temperature, on the other hand, are a big deal. Bodies of water tend to have a very stable temperature, so a change in aquarium temperature by just a few degrees can have a dramatic impact on your ecosystem. Get into the habit of checking your aquarium’s temperature everyday so that you can be certain that your beloved aquatic pets aren’t slowly freezing or boiling.

3. Phocus on the pH

Testing Water pH Levels

Image source: Blog.richardsprague.com

Your aquarium’s pH is a measure of how acidic or basic the water is. There is no normal pH level – some fish prefer slightly more acidic waters and other like alkaline water. When you’re building an aquarium, it’s a good idea to keep pH levels in mind. Select sea creatures that prefer similar pH levels and keep your aquarium carefully balanced at the appropriate level.

4. Become a Fish Doctor

Fish with Ich Spots

Image source: Tropical-fish-pictures.blogspot.com

Just because you get an aquarium, that doesn’t mean that you need to go get your PhD in ichthyology (the study of fish). Still, it might be a good idea to brush up on basic aquarium health. Fish can get sick or stressed out, just like people can. Learn the warning signs and watch your aquarium for clues of bad health. Don’t be intimidated! Many of the warning signs, such as erratic behavior or little white spots, are fairly easy to detect. It definitely won’t be as hard as learning how to become a real doctor or debugging MySQL or computer programs.

5. Scrub-a-Dub-Dub

Cleaning a Home Aquarium

Image source: Wayetlighting.wordpress.com

Keeping your aquarium clean is incredibly important. Not only does it give you a clear, unobstructed view of your beautiful aquascape, but it also helps to promote a healthy ecosystem. Watch for algae buildups and perform regular water changes.

So, there you have it. There are a few other things that aquarium owners should keep in mind, but there are the main five. Follow these five tips and your fish will live long, happy, healthy lives!


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