5 Easy Tips to Cut Down on Aquarium Expenses

Money Origami Fish

Image source: Indesignartandcraft.com

The holiday season is coming up, which means that many of us will have to dedicate a hefty chunk of change to travel, gigantic holiday dinners, and buying lots of presents. These things can put a strain on your wallet, but luckily there are a few clever tricks to cut down on your aquarium expenses. You won’t have to fight the inevitable stampede of people on Black Friday, but following this guide will definitely save you some dough.

5. Go Green

Green Freshwater Aquarium

Image source: Caudata.org

Home aquariums need a filter to keep the water clear from excess food, chemicals, and decaying organic material. Mother Nature has a natural way of filtering out all the water: plants. If you make an eco-friendly aquarium, aquatic plants will gladly suck up all of that excess organic matter and use it to grow. Replacing a water filter with plants will save you money upfront, and it will also cut down on your weekly electricity bill. And let’s not forget that a plant could beat out mechanical filters in a beauty contest any day of the week!

4. Shop Around

Fish Pet Store

Image source: Newcanaannewsonline.com

Sometimes, maintaining a stunning, cost-efficient aquarium is as simple as finding a good deal. Be sure to shop around and compare prices and keep an eye on websites like Craigslist. People love to sell their extra junk on Craigslist before a big move. Garage sales and online deals are a great way to pick up aquarium parts – and who knows, you might even find somebody who’s trying to sell a few fish!

3. An Apple A Day

Candy Basslet for Saltwater Aquarium

Image source: Advancedaquarist.com

Medical bills can add up, even for fish. If your fishy pets get sick, then you’ll either have to spend money on medication or even more money on replacement fish. You can cut out those expenses altogether by focusing on preventative medicine. Take care of your fish to make sure that they are healthy and happy. This cost-saving technique is hard to notice, but it will definitely pay off in the long run.

2. Breed Fish

Breeding Fish

Image source: Breedingbettafishforprofit.com

Fish breeding is both a science and an art. Not everybody is into fish breeding, but those who are find it an interesting hobby and a clever way to make a little bit of cash on the side. With some species of fish selling for hundreds of dollars, an aquarium could conceivably pay itself off eventually. Don’t expect your aquarium to become a cash cow, though. You probably wouldn’t make that much money unless you take fish breeding very seriously. Still, it will be an interesting money-making hobby for broke college grads looking for alternative ways to pay off their loans.

1. Get Social!

MACNA Conention in Dallas

Image source: Reefbuilders.com

Many areas have social gatherings for people interested in the aquarium hobby. You can also attend aquarium conventions, like the Marine Aquarium Conference of North America. Some members are more than willing to sell or even give away aquarium parts or live specimens. Plus, it’s a great way to meet other passionate aquarium hobbyists!


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