Aquarium Gift Ideas for the Black Friday Shopping Bonanza!

Black Friday Shopping

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It’s Black Friday, a day when normally decent human beings throw civility out the window and turn into a savings-crazed herd of predators determined to get the best deal. Will you join the crowd and hunt down the most popular items this year? You could do that, but allow me to suggest a truly unique gift alternative: an aquarium.

Yeah, I know it sounds a bit odd. Aquariums can be expensive and some people might get upset about receiving a gift that requires so much maintenance. But fear not! There are several clever solutions that will enable you to give a truly unique aquarium-themed gift.

Mini Aquariums

Most people think of aquariums in terms of gallons, but some aquariums can be measured in drops. Take these mini aquariums for example – they’re so tiny that you could actually wear one as a necklace or hang it from your car’s rearview mirror. They will require a bit of maintenance, but it really isn’t that far off from giving someone flowers for Mother’s Day. The beauty they offer is well worth the effort!

Miniature Aquarium Necklace

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You’ll definitely want to do research beforehand and give your loved ones all the information they need to keep their mini aquariums healthy. Include a card with the gift that clearly explains how to keep the tiny ecosystem happy and healthy.

A Full-Blown Gift Aquarium

Normally, gift certificates are kind of a lame present. It’s just another way of giving someone cash, which isn’t very meaningful. That being said, the nice thing about gift certificates is that they allow the gift receiver to buy whatever suits his or her tastes.

Custom Home Aquarium

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That’s what makes a custom aquarium such an incredible gift. Aquariums aren’t for everybody, but sometimes you just want to pull out all the stops and offer your loved one a truly one-of-a-kind gift. A custom aquarium shows that you put a lot of thought behind present, but it also has the benefit of acting like a gift certificate. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about returning the gift because you picked out the wrong size or color!

Custom Home Aquarium by Okeanos Group

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What do I mean by that? Well, aquariums are kind of like blank slates. They can be dramatic or peaceful. They can be colorful or have earth tones. They can be exotic or simplistic. Offering to pay for a custom aquarium will allow your loved one to explore the realm of aquascapes and select a design that perfectly suits his or her tastes.

And a Year of Maintenance, Too

You have to do a bit of work to keep an aquarium up and running, but luckily you can include a period of aquarium maintenance as part of your gift, too. By including a few months of free maintenance, you can allow your loved one to focus more on “Ooh, I wonder what type of fish I could get” and not “Oh man, I really need to look up instructions for how to maintain an aquarium.” Relive the stress of an aquarium purchase with a promise of professional aquarium maintenance.

Aquarium Maintenance

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