Let's Build Santa Claus a Custom Christmas Aquarium!

Scuba Santa Claus and a Christmas Aquarium

Image source: Vh1.com

If you step outside of your home or apartment tonight, then odds are good that you’ll spot sparkling Christmas lights. People go crazy when it comes to decorating their houses this time of year. A few entertainment businesses will pull out all the stops and create a glowing display with millions of Christmas lights. And we haven’t even seen the best of the best yet — we’re still weeks away from the main event.

We at Okeanos Group are also getting into the holiday spirit by imagining a complete Christmas-themed aquarium. You may remember our Thanksgiving aquarium from last month, complete with a turkey-like lionfish and our blood red fire shrimp, which perfectly matched the hue of cranberry sauce. So get ready for the Ho-Ho-Holiday with Santa Claus’ very own custom aquarium!

Saltwater Red and Green Open Brain Coral = Christmas Tree

Red and Green Open Brain Coral and a Christmas Tree

Image source: Reefland.com and Komu.com

The saltwater open brain coral has a striking combination of red and green. The only catch is that the coral grows in a circular shape rather than in an evergreen silhouette. The beautiful colors more than make up for it!

English Channel Sea Urchins = Ornaments

English Channel Sea Urchins as Ornaments

Image source: Conchking.com and Sixuntilme.com

What Christmas would be complete without tree ornaments? These English Channel sea urchins are about as close as the ocean is ever going to get to a perfect sphere. Luckily, they have an interesting red-purple color pattern that fits in nicely with our Christmas theme.

Pacific Redstripe Hogfish

Pacific Redstripe Hogfish and Candy Canes

Image source: Advancedaquarist.com and Holidays.thefuntimesguide.com

This tiny, colorful fish earned the nickname “candystripe,” and for good reason. It almost perfectly resembles the red- and white-striped candy canes that pop up during Christmas. I wouldn’t recommend licking one of these fish, though. Blech.

Snowflake Eel = Snowflakes

Snowflake Eel and Snowflake

Image source: Christinaspets.com and Its.caltech.edu

You’ll never see ice in your aquarium, but we can always include the next best thing: snowflake eels. The black and white patterns on their skin are visually reminiscent of falling snowflakes. Adding one of these beautiful serpentine fish to your aquarium will help give your Christmas wonderland aquascape a wintry feel.

Starfish = Well, a star. What else?

Starfish and Christmas Tree Star

Image source: Mal7.wordpress.com and lnt.com

Many families top their Christmas tree with a golden star. I’m not sure if our open brain coral would appreciate it if we placed a glowing star on top of it, so we’re going to substitute the ornament with a yellow starfish.

We looked long and hard for a fish that resembles Santa Claus, but unfortunately fish aren’t very good at growing facial hair. Still, I like to think that we created a festive Christmas-themed saltwater aquarium. Hopefully, this imaginary aquarium will illustrate just how easy it is to build a themed aquarium. You can transfer virtually any concept into a beautiful custom aquascape — all you need is a little bit of imagination and some professional guidance.


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