Using Technology to Bring Your Aquascape into the 21st Century

Galaxy Note 2 Liquid Pixels

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Usually, aquascapers get their inspiration from the natural world. They look at the gentle slope of a mountain or a peaceful group of trees and think, “How can I translate that into an underwater scene?” Every once in a while, though, aquascapers can get inspiration from corporate advertising. Yeah, I know that a 60 second TV clip that’s intended to sell you something isn’t quite as romantic as the wild, untamed recesses of nature, but engineers and commercial marketers can come up with beautiful ideas, too. Clever engineering concepts can transform a simple aquascape into a modern masterpiece.

An excellent example of an aquascape that has been enhanced by technology is Samsung’s aquatic pixel art piece. Samsung hired a group of artists at Steak Studio, charging them with the task of creating a stunning aquatic art display that could help advertise the new Galaxy Note 2. The phone itself is the star of the commercial (unsurprisingly), as artist Daniel Kupfer searches for products on his phone, orders the items through his phone, shares his blueprints with his colleagues through his phone, and finally plays with the art installation with his phone. Phone, phone, phone!

Creating the Liquid Pixel Art Display

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Well, that still doesn’t change the fact that the art piece is successful. The installation uses a collection of 400 tiny gadgets that push the water up to create pixel-like protrusions in the water. The end result looks pretty cool!

What does this art piece have to do with aquascaping? Well, as much or as little as you like. The whole purpose of the video was to tout Samsung’s new phone and show off how creative people can be with it. For us, the most important thing about the video is that it demonstrates how inventive you can be using water as your medium. Unfortunately, this exact art piece probably wouldn’t translate terribly well into an aquarium because it occupies the entire surface of the body of water. The good news is that it would translate beautifully to backyard ponds or larger aquascaping projects. After all, this art piece is pretty much identical to the Bellagio fountains, just on a much smaller scale.

Aquatic Pixels in the Steakstudio Project

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You could apply the digital portion of this art piece to just about any fountain display. If Steak Studio can control these aquatic pixels with a smartphone, then there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be able to control your pond’s fountain and light display through your phone, tablet, or computer. The same goes for your aquarium, actually. Fountains are a bit too bulky to fit into an aquarium, but you could use  your phone to adjust your aquarium’s temperature or the color of the lights. The digital revolution has done wonders for the aquascaping hobby. Ninety-nine percent of aquascaping is still all about H2O and aquatic creatures, but modern technology has given us the hardware we need to put creative, artistic control in the palm of your hand.

Samsung Liquid Pixel Art Piece

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So, go bold with your home aquascaping project! Think outside the box! With enough creativity and the right expert guidance, you could be the proud owner of a stunning aquatic art piece that fuses technology and aquascaping into a cohesive whole.


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