Happy New Year! Prepare for 2013 with These Aquascaping New Year Resolutions

Times Square New Year Ball

Image source: Kicktickets.com

Look at that! We’re all still here. Meteors didn’t rain from the skies, zombies didn’t rise from their graves, and world leaders didn’t start launching nukes willy-nilly. It would appear that the Mayan apocalypse scare was as pointless as all Armageddon predictions that came before — all 156 of them. Now that 2013 seems like a safe bet, many of us are going to need to come up with New Year’s resolutions. Allow us to help you get a head start on 2013 with these suggested resolutions.

#1 — I will not fall for new apocalypse predictions.

Yeah, that doesn’t really have anything to do with aquascaping, but it’s good advice nonetheless.

Mayan Calendar

Image source: Okayafrica.com

#2 — I will take the plunge.

Whether you’re already a die-hard aquascaper of you’ve been on the fence about the hobby for a while now, 2013 should be the year when you finally take the plunge and start that new aquascaping hobby you’ve been eyeing. Are you thinking about getting your very first aquarium? Are you an aquascaper who has had his eye on Wabi Kusa aquascapes with their recent explosion in popularity? Either way, it’s about time you promised yourself that you will finally take action. Life’s too short (well, longer than some of us expected) to just sit around and look at pictures of a hobby that’s piqued your interest, rather than actually building an aquascape yourself. 2013 marks the year of the snake, so maybe you should opt for a moray eel or a nice electric eel-powered light display.

Balkan Aquascaping Display

Image source: Ibac.eu

#3 — I will be a responsible Earthling

We’re all stuck on this planet together, so the responsible thing to do is to treat Earth with respect. It’s a bit hypocritical to build a stunning aquascape in your own living room, but then turn around and pollute your environment. It’s about time that we all started stepping up our conservation efforts. Use less electricity. Recycle. Use public transportation. Donate to environmental causes. Focus on eco-friendly shopping expeditions for Christmas and other holiday seasons. Whatever you choose to do, it’s important that you get started in 2013, otherwise the apocalypse might be right around the corner after all.

Save Our Oceans

Image source: Oceanday.net

#4 — I will share aquascaping with a friend

Aquascaping is a somewhat unique hobby. Unlike sky diving or crocheting, which both attract a certain type of person, aquascaping is one of those few hobbies with universal appeal. You’re never going to put somebody in front a gorgeous aquascape for the first time and hear them say, “Blech, how ugly!” The tendency to adore plants and aquascapes is hardwired into our brains. The only difference between an aquascaper and a person who doesn’t have an aquarium is that the aquascaper decided to take action. Odds are fairly good that you’ve got a friend or relative who is amazed by your aquascape, but hasn’t spent the time or effort to get started. In 2013, you should share your hobby with friends by giving them a helping hand. Show them how easy it is to get started, bring them to aquascaping conventions, or splurge by buying them a small tank to get things started. They’ll thank you later!

Hobbyists at an Aquascaping Convention

Image source: Projectaquarium.com

#5 — I will find inspiration.

Do you get out enough? Probably not as much as you like. There’s a vast world out there full of coral reefs, hiking trails, beautiful mountain ranges, peaceful lakes, and whitewater rivers. We all tend to spend too much of our time glued in front of a computer screen or tapping away on our mobile devices. In 2013, get out there and find natural inspiration for your next aquascaping project. There’s nothing quite like an end of the world scare to make you appreciate just how beautiful planet Earth can be.

Diver at Coral Reef

Image source: Scubadiving.com


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