Arctic Inspiration! Join Santa Claus on North Pole Diving Expeditions

Japanese Christmas Dive Show

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Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a puffer fish.

Well, children and household animals might be sound asleep, but Dec. 24th has traditionally been the time with Old Saint Nick burns the midnight oil. There are dozens of legends about what Santa does during Christmas night, but what does he do on the day before? Sit around in his PJs watching TV? Wrap all of those bizarre, hard-to-wrap presents  like car transmissions and rocking horses? Or is he decked out in scuba gear swimming with penguins, polar bears, and other aquatic creatures?

Scuba Santa Claus

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We’ve chatted about different ways to create a Christmas-themed aquascape, but what about a Christmas-themed diving expedition? It’s not as silly as you might think. For weeks now, public aquariums have had a scuba-wearing Santa Claus as their main attraction — some have even had a few reindeer and elves to round out the North Pole roster.

Scuba Santa and Reindeer

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You see, whenever somebody mentions scuba diving, most people picture crystal-clear waters from the Caribbean or some other tropical climate. In actuality, you could go scuba diving wherever there’s water, including frigid locations like around Canada or the Arctic Sea.

Arctic diving expeditions always bring up two big questions. First, wouldn’t you freeze if you go diving near the North Pole? No, not at all. Specialized scuba equipment can keep you (relatively) warm even at temperatures nearing 32° F.

Arctic Diving

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And second, why would anybody want to go diving in the Arctic Sea when you go diving in the Caribbean of off the coast of Bermuda instead? The icy waters beneath drifting icebergs are a beautiful, largely unexplored underwater paradise that only few people on Earth have ever had the privilege of witnessing. Navigate tunnels of ice, swim beneath massive icebergs, and come face-to-face with the incredibly rare species that make their home in the frigid north.

And who knows? Maybe you’ll come in contact with a jolly fat man with a white beard and a scuba mask.

Scuba Diving Santa Claus

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