My Pond Overfloweth! Spice Up Your Backyard Pond with Bubbling Fountains

Khalifa Fountain in the United Arab Emirates Fountain

Image source:

It’s hard to resist the allure of a water fountain. I suspect that our love of fountains has something to do with biology. In the wild, running water, such as from a river or stream, indicates that it’s fresh and probably cleaner than standing water. So, it’s hardly surprising that humans and other creatures are drawn to running water. With the advancements in modern technology, this instinctive drive has become unnecessary — you can just turn on the tap and get all the water you want.  Still, that basic desire hasn’t gone away and it manifests itself in our love of aquariums, rivers, and fountains. So, for those of you who are thinking of sprucing up your backyard pond with a beautiful custom fountain, we’re going to pull inspiration from the best fountains from around the world.

Khalifa Fountain

The Khalifa Fountain is about as impressive as it gets. This water fountain in Burj, Dubai combines fountains, lights, and music into a choreographed show — it almost looks as if water was moved by the music and stood up to dance. The show reminds me of the Bellagio Fountains, but on a much grander scale and with a much larger budget ($218 million, actually). Choreographed shows are generally best suited for public performances, but there’s no reason why you wouldn’t also be able to create a choreographed fountain show in your own backyard aquascape. Rather than having giant fountains, all you’d need is a few lights that change their colors in sync with the music. Want to throw an unforgettable Fourth of July BBQ? Transform your backyard pool or pond into water show that synchronized to The Star-Spangled Banner.

New York’s Public Art Waterfalls

New York Public Waterfall

Image source:

In 2008, Danish Artist Olafur Eliasson set out on an ambitious project to bring waterfalls to the Big Apple. Without spending a nickel in public funds, Eliasson built four waterfalls that sent water tumbling as far as 120 feet back to the earth. It would be fairly easy to incorporate a similar aquatic display in your own backyard aquascape. You wouldn’t want a 120-foot-tall waterfall, obviously, but you could easily scale the waterfall down to a more appropriate size. Install a waterfall next to your pool or pond to create a breathtaking scene.

Little Stream Waterfall

Image source:

Water Forest Fountains

Some people prefer an artsy approach to aquascaping. The tubular Water Forest in Tacoma, Washington pumps water up to the top of each pillar before letting the liquid spill over. The structures create an interesting visual contrast between the water-filled acrylic tubes and the cascades of water that tumble down the side of the pillars. You could always use a similar aesthetic with your own aquascape. Feel free to experiment with artistic and unorthodox fountains that put a new spin on an old classic.

Water Forest in Tacoma Washington

Image source:

Kanazawa Station Clock

The people of Japan are nothing if not efficient. The Kanazawa Station Clock in Japan combines aquascaping beauty with utilitarian function. The water cascades spell out the current time and can even write messages in English or Japanese. You probably wouldn’t want to install an aqua clock in your own backyard, but you could still use a similar word fountain. Imagine a fountain that spells out “Peace” or the Chinese symbol for “Harmony” to create a tranquil aquascape scene.


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