Aquarium Colorology: Bring on the Romance with a Custom Red Aquascape

Red Beta Fish for Red Aquascapes

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The weather has been fairly drab up where I live — day after day of miserable, cold rain. Luckily, there was a silver lining to all of those storm clouds — when it was done, I was treated to the sight of a lovely rainbow. The beautiful colors inspired me to tackle colors all this week to examine how the colors of your aquarium affect your mood.

A while ago, we talked about the art of complimentary colors and useful techniques for developing a colorful and visually stunning aquascape. You should keep these strategies in mind as we make our way through the color spectrum.


Red is the color of passion, intensity, and energy. This is all because of basic human biology. Our skin changes color based on our emotions — we turn red with rage or sexual energy. Unsurprisingly, we associate the color red with all of these high-powered emotions. The fact that red is the color of fire only adds to its intense energy, making it feel warm, lively, and dangerous.

Red Aquarium

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One thing to keep in mind with the color red is that the amount of light completely changes how we perceive red. Bright light makes red appear intense and almost overwhelming, while low light levels make it appear rich and elegant.

Creating a Red Aquascape

Recommended: Freshwater

Freshwater aquariums are ideally suited for the color red for a number of different reasons. First off, there are a huge variety of red plants such as the rotala macandra, pictured below. Red cichlids, beta fish, tetras, and even red goldfish can create exciting movement and energy for your red aquascape. An added bonus is that red’s complimentary color is green, which is easy to incorporate into a freshwater aquarium.

Rotala Macandra

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For saltwater enthusiasts, red coral or red anemone add powerful emotional energy to your aquascape. Include vibrant red species such as cardinal shrimp and the gorgeous flame angelfish.

Red Anemone

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Best Rooms

One of the best rooms for a red aquascape is your dining room. Not only does red improve appetite, but it also makes people feel more lively and energetic. It’s perfect for making people chatty over a delicious dinner. Plus, all you have to do is dim down the lights and suddenly your red room takes on a sexually-charged, romantic atmosphere. A red aquascape can help to set the mood for a candlelit dinner with that special someone.

Red Dining Room

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Worst Rooms

Since red is so incredibly energetic, you generally want to avoid using red in rooms that are supposed to enhance relaxation. Living rooms are generally bad colors for red because it’s hard to sit back and unwind around such a dramatic color. Bedrooms also kinda-sorta fall under the category of “worst rooms” for red. The intense color won’t help you get a restful night’s sleep, but a lush red under low light can help make the magic happen.

Red White and Black Modern Bedroom

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If you want a romantic red aquascape in your bedroom, what I would recommend is to paint your bedroom a more relaxing color like green, and then equip your bedroom aquascape with red LEDs. That way, your bedroom is usually peaceful but you can always turn on the red LEDs to cast the bedroom in a warm glow when you and your partner are feeling saucy.


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