Aquarium Colorology: Energize You Life and Living Space with Orange Aquascapes

Orange Clownfish

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If you were forced to memorize the Roy G. Biv acronym back in grade school, then you should know that orange is up next on our color countdown. I briefly considered covering the primary colors (red, yellow, and blue) first, but I decided to stay faithful to the rainbow and tackle orange next instead. As you read about orange aquariums, keep in mind that this secondary color is a mix of its two parents: red and yellow. Check out red’s post and come back for yellow’s post tomorrow.


Bright! Bold! Cheerful! Enthusiastic! Orange is a vibrant color that combines red’s sophistication with yellow’s playfulness. It straddles the line between the light-hearted and the serious to bask the world in a vibrant, eye-catching color.

Orange Goldfish Aquarium

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It’s no surprise that orange also represents vitality and endurance — after all, red is the color of blood and passion, while yellow is the color of playfulness and energy. Put those two together and you have a color that’s perfect for exercise and workouts.

Creating an Orange Aquascape

Recommended: Freshwater or Saltwater

Goldfish with Slight Red Ting

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Orange is a unique color in that it works equally well in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. For freshwater aquariums, well, that one’s easy. Goldfish are the world’s most popular and iconic fish. Of course, one of the reasons why goldfish became so popular is because of their beautiful gold-orange fins. They have grown to represent longevity, good fortune, and health.

Clownfish in Anemone

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Saltwater aquariums have a much more exotic option with clownfish. These fish have a particularly deep, rich shade of orange that almost borders on red. For that reason, you should keep in mind that clownfish embody the passion and luxury of the color red. You could pair them with a light-colored yellow or orange anemone to make them appear more energetic and cheerful, or you could opt for a deep red anemone that will give your clownfish a much more luxurious appearance.

Best Rooms

Gym with Orange Walls

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Would you believe that orange affects your brain? Believe it or not, research indicates that the color orange actually increases blood flow to your noggin, thereby giving you a surge of energy (no wonder we consider it such an energetic color). That makes it perfect for exercise rooms, meeting rooms in businesses, and similar high-action locations. If you’re a gym owner, then you might want to consider getting a custom goldfish aquarium… just be sure that you don’t install it anywhere near the dumbbells.

Worst Rooms

Orange Relaxation Room

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If orange is great for exercise, then putting orange in a room that’s built for relaxation is a big no-no. Keep it out of your bedroom, library, or home office.


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