Aquarium Colorology: How to Make Your Home Brighter with Yellow Aquascapes

Yellow Tang for Yellow Aquariums

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Next up on our Aquarium Colorology we have what might be the trickiest color in the spectrum: yellow. People view yellow as the brightest and happiest color, but the color is so overpowering that it can be difficult to incorporate yellow into a living space.


Imagine this: you walk outside on a beautiful spring morning. The sky is clear, the birds are chirping, and the air is warm. You breathe in the crisp, fresh air and you feel invigorated. Now compare that to a dark, stormy day with cold air and miserable weather. The first makes you feel energized and happy, while the second one makes you feel lethargic and mopey.

That’s the power of yellow. It captures the cheerful optimism of sunlight and brings it into a living space.

Tropical Yellow Fish

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Creating a Yellow Aquascape

Recommended: Saltwater

If you want to incorporate yellow into your aquascape, then I highly recommend that you go with saltwater. The main reason is because of the options: there are dozens of species of vibrant, brightly-colored fish that can bring flashes of yellow to your aquascape. The yellow tang is one of the most popular species fish in the aquascaping hobby because of its bright yellow color. There are also yellow coris wrasse, butterfly fish, and yellow angelfish.

Yellow Tang

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The other reason to select a saltwater aquarium lies in complimentary colors. Blue and yellow go incredibly well together, so yellow tangs create a lovely contrast with the soft blue water of saltwater aquascapes. Freshwater aquascapes usually aren’t as blue as saltwater scenes — the water is typically colorless and transparent.

Luckily, there are still a few yellow options for freshwater aquascapers. The electric yellow cichlid is entirely yellow (but not nearly as beautiful as the yellow tang) and there’s also the golden yellow shrimp.

Best Rooms

Kitchens are a great room for yellow, largely because it is often associated with food. The brightness of the color yellow mirrors healthy fruits and vegetables. In fact, studies have shown that some of the healthiest fruits and vegetables also tend to have bright colors.

Use yellow in hallways or foyers to make the area feel more inviting and open. It’s also a fitting color for living rooms and similar warm, open spaces.

Yellow Living Room

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Worst Rooms

The list of “worst rooms” is fairly large. Yellow is a difficult color to work with because it is so visually overwhelming. It is the hardest color to see and it has been shown to make people feel uneasy in large doses. Avoid going overboard with yellow, especially in relaxing parts of the house. Don’t use too much yellow in a nursery; babies tend to cry more often in yellow rooms.

Yellow and White Nursery

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