Aquarium Colorology: How Custom Purple Aquascapes Can Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Home

Purple Aquarium

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Here’s an interesting fact: did you know that thousands of years ago mankind’s main source of purple came from the ocean? It’s true — the color Tyrian purple comes from a certain species of sea snail that lived near the Romans. The dye was highly valued and incredibly difficult to harvest, which meant that extremely wealthy members of nobility were the only people who had enough money to afford Tyrian purple clothing. That’s why purple is so closely associated with nobility — Roman royalty wore a lot of purple and the trend stuck.

Tyrian Purple from a Sea Snail

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The snail is pretty darn ugly, but the mucous it secrets is admittedly beautiful.


Purple is an interesting color to work with because it does not evoke emotions quite as strongly as any of the other colors. The reason for this is that purple is so incredibly rare in nature — can you think of anything besides grapes and flowers that are purple? Early humans never adapted an emotional response to purple because they were just never exposed to it.

Purple Fish

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Purple does evoke a few feelings, though these aren’t nearly as strong as the reactions that we get from other colors. Purple represents nobility, so it also calls to mind luxury, wealth, and extravagance. The rarity of purple has caused people to associate it with spiritualism and magic. It is an inherently feminine and romantic color.

Creating a Purple Aquascape

Recommended: Saltwater

Royal Gramma

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When it comes to exotic and rare colors, saltwater aquascapes are always a better choice than freshwater ones. For saltwater aquariums I highly recommend the royal gramma. These are fairly hardy fish that are great for beginners and a favorite for seasoned aquascaping veterans. One of the neat things about the royal gramma is that yellow and purple are complementary colors — this fish is a living art piece. There are also a few species of purple starfish. Their bizarre shape and uncommon color truly makes them look like some sort of alien species. You can also add purple anemone or purple coral, such as the Clavulina amethystina, to your collection.

Purple Betta Fish

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Freshwater aquascapes don’t have many options, unfortunately. Your best bet would be to go with a purple betta fish. They’re quite beautiful, but the fact that you can’t have more than one male betta fish in a tank means that a freshwater purple aquascape would need to be fairly small. There just aren’t enough purple freshwater fish to fill out a large aquarium.

Best Rooms

Whenever you use purple you need to be very aware of its shade. Deep, rich purples are sophisticated and elegant, so it’s best suited for luxurious rooms. Combine that with the romantic qualities of purple to create a sexy bedroom. Moderate shades of purple can make a room feel more relaxing, but without the chilling effect that blue can have. Very light shades of purple are best suited for girls’ rooms.

A touch of purple might also be fitting in board rooms or office settings. Purple suggests wisdom and wealth, so it can give potential business partners the impression that you know how to handle your money. The noble qualities of purple make the color perfect for CEOs and business executives. It can give you the appearance like a well-qualified executive leader.

Purple Bedroom

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Worst Rooms

I wouldn’t recommend using purple in a boy’s room — purple is the second most feminine color right behind pink. Past that, purple can fit in just about anywhere as long as you’re careful about how dark it is. Don’t put dark shades of purple in playful rooms and don’t use light purple in rooms that are supposed to be luxurious.

Purple Boy's Room

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