Jaw-Dropping Infographic Shows Why Your Aquarium Isn't Nearly Deep Enough

Vertical Custom Aquarium

Image source: Ecosculpture.com

Just how deep is the deep blue sea, anyway? Have you ever wondered that? I think about it all the time. Whenever I’m out in a boat, I feel compelled to drop a rock into the water and imagine how long it would take the rock to slowly sink to the bottom of the ocean. Today we’re going to dive into that topic by taking a look at just how incredibly, absurdly, mind-bogglingly deep the ocean is. Why bother? Well, it’s pretty simple: hopefully, this will inspire you to add some depth to your custom aquarium.

So, let me put the ocean into perspective for you. Have you ever been in a plane? I don’t mean one of those tiny single-engine planes — I mean a huge commercial airliner that soars miles above the clouds. If you were to jump out of one of those planes, then you’d quickly accelerate to a terminal velocity of about 120 mph. That would leave you with approximately 200 seconds to contemplate your fate, watch your life flash before your eyes, or scribble out a living will on the back of your plane ticket as you fall 32,000 feet to Earth and land with a sickening splat.

Now, suppose that you sailed out to the Mariana Trench just southeast of Japan. If you could somehow jump off of the boat and fall through the ocean the same way that fall through air, a skydiver will hit Earth before you hit the bottom of the Mariana Trench. That’s how absurdly deep the ocean is. This infographic should help put it into perspective. Get ready to scroll. A lot.

Ocean Depth Infographic

Image source: Zidbits.com

So, why do you have a flat aquarium? I mean, I realize that having a flat aquarium will allow you to simulate the ocean floor or the bottom of a lake, but there’s so much more to aquascaping. Don’t get trapped by thinking in terms of gravity. We humans build houses on the X and Y axis because, well, we have to. Out in the ocean you also have to think about the Z axis, an endless expanse that leads you up towards the sun or down towards the murky depths.

Vertical aquariums play with the concept of depth by reminding the viewer just how incredibly deep the ocean really is. Now, I know what you’re thinking. “The reason why vertical aquariums are so rare is because there’s nothing to see at the top of an aquarium! All of the interesting corals and plants are on the bottom.”

Well, that’s true, but you need to keep in mind that the floor of your aquarium can be wherever you want. Many aquascapers create a cliff wall that extends up the back of their aquarium to create a wall of living art, a veritable moving painting. Then, all you have to do is add a few bottom-dwelling and top-dwelling fish. Your fish will hang out at their preferred depth, thereby creating a stark contrast between your fish that adds to that feeling of depth.

Vertical Aquarium with Rock Wall

Image source: Realjock.com

Alternatively, you can use the empty space at the top of your aquarium as an attraction all in itself. After all, modern art often uses negative space as a way to create a calming scene. Just look at the gorgeous AquaDom aquarium, which entices viewers with a school of lively fish that like to hang out near the surface of the water.

AquaDom Cylindrical Aquarium

Image source: Sweet-station.com

Beautiful! You may not be able to install an aquarium that’s this big in your home or office, but don’t underestimate the impact of a stunning vertical aquarium.


1 thought on “Jaw-Dropping Infographic Shows Why Your Aquarium Isn't Nearly Deep Enough

  1. Raegan

    The reason people don’t have deep aquaria is because that means less oxygen in the water because there is less surface area for carbon dioxide and oxygen exchange.


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