How to Show Your Personality with a Sci-Fi / Fantasy Aquarium

Fairy Fantasy Aquarium

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Since you’re reading this blog, it’s safe to say that you’re interested in aquascaping. Of course, everybody has more than one hobby. You probably like football, books, movies, hiking, crafting, or other fun activities. Me? I’m a huge nerd. I get a big kick out of magic swords, dragons, elves, space ships, and pretty much everything from the science fiction and fantasy genres. The other day I got to thinking… why not combine your hobbies? Why not create a hobby-inspired aquascape?

It would be a lot easier than you think. For example, this Japanese aquascaper combined his love of fairy tales with his aquascaping hobby to create a miniature magic forest.

Magical Paludarium Forest

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He included figurines of tiny fairies that can flit around his aquatic wonderland. He even has a few cheerful woodland creatures like that smiling frog in the lower-right-hand corner of the picture below

Aquascape with Magical Fairy

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This aquascaper didn’t just stick a few figurines into his aquarium and call it quits. The whole aquascape has a whimsical, fairy-tale feel. The plants are bright and delicate; there are twisted branches of rock and wood to make it feel like a miniature fairy kingdom; light-hearted signs tell visitors, “This way!” The fairy doesn’t look out of place at all — it’s as if the viewer has stumbled upon another world filled with fairies, elves, and magical spells.

Personally, I’d take a much nerdier approach with dragon figurines, like this bad boy:

Dragon Miniature

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Add in a couple of stalwart adventurers to battle this fearsome beast, some dense plant cover to represent a shadowy forest, a mysterious cave, and you’ve got yourself an aquarium that J.R.R. Tolkien himself would have been proud to own.

Fighting a Blue Dragon

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The main point that I’m trying to make here is that you don’t have to be limited by what other aquascapers are doing. Be creative! Express yourself! As long as you’re happy with your own aquascape, that’s all that really matters.

The options for thematic aquascapes are practically limitless. Are you big on hiking and mountain climbing? Add a vertical rock wall or hiking trails to you aquarium. Are you obsessed with Star Wars? Treat your aquascape like your very own miniature Star Wars theme park. Create a freshwater aquascape that looks like it came straight out of the forests of Endor or the swamp planet Dagobah.

Terrarium with Ewoks

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Throw in a few Ewoks and you’ll be ready to take down even the most powerful of evil empires.


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