How to Bring Nature Indoors with a Stunning Custom Waterwall

Lobby Waterfall by Okeanos Aquascaping

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I’m heading off to Niagara Falls tomorrow! The three waterfalls that compose Niagara Falls may not be the tallest waterfalls on Earth, but they’re definitely the wettest. Niagara trumps every other waterfall by far when it comes to water flow and volume, boasting a flow rate close to 70,000 cubic feet per second. You’ll find people gathered around Niagara Falls every day of the year because, to put it fsimply, people adore waterfalls. It’s really hard to capture mankind’s adoration for waterfalls and translate it into words. Waterfalls create beautiful movement, calming sounds, and they give us feelings of health and vitality. We try to replicate these features as best we can in fountains and manmade waterfalls, but unfortunately it’s not very practical to install a 100-foot waterfall in your living room.

Niagara Falls form the US Side

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You can’t always bring your home to the waterfall (like what the architect behind Fallingwater did), but you can bring waterfalls to your home! Well, not real waterfalls — miniature versions of waterfalls that are easy to manage and just as beautiful.

Say hello to the waterwall, a manmade art installation that combines the artistry of aquascaping with the natural beauty of waterfalls.

Okeanos Aquascaping Waterwall

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So, waterwalls are just tiny waterfalls? Not even close! Waterwalls have a ton of advantages over conventional waterfalls.

With waterfalls, there are basically only three variables: height, width, and shape. By shape I mean the curve of the cliff — Niagara’s Horseshoe Falls, for example, are curved like a gigantic “C.” Waterwalls allow you to control height, width, and shape.

Niagara Horseshoe Falls

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The more vertical the waterwall, the faster water will cascade down its surface. You can slow water down to a mere trickle by changing the angle of the waterwall so that it’s more horizontal. Flat waterwalls are languid and calming, while vertical waterwalls are exciting and eye-catching.

Extra Design Space

It’s pretty much impossible to see past a waterfall because the thick white water and mist obscures your vision. Waterwalls, on the other hand, don’t obstruct your vision at all. You can utilize the back surface of your waterwall as a clever interior design space. Your waterwall is sure to draw attention, so why not make use of that by adding visual elements to your waterwall? Place your logo on your waterwall and you’re sure to leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

Lobby with Waterwall

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Ever watch The Price is Right? My favorite game was Plinko, in which participants dropped a disc down a complicated peg wall.

You can  do the same thing with your waterwall by adding odd shapes to your waterwall that will break up and distort the movement of the water. A waterwall is a versatile art piece that can be as unique as you are.

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