Aquascapes Frozen in Time: Amazing 3D Acrylic Art Pieces

Goldfish 3D Acrylic Art

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I adore art, but it can be really difficult to find a piece of art that captures the beauty of an aquascape. You can certainly find works of art that complement aquascapes, but actually capturing the organic elegance of a living aquascape is a whole different story. An aquascape moves, it grows, it sways in the current with serene grace, and it glitters beneath the light like a living gemstone. You just can’t get that kind of effect in an art piece… well, unless you throw glitter at it. That would make your art piece shine, but it would probably ruin the overall aesthetic. Alas, if only there was an art style that perfectly replicated the beauty of an aquascape.

Oh, but there is! Leave it up to the Japanese to ingeniously combine art and technology to pioneer a new art style. Behold acrylic, three-dimensional aquatic art.


Turtle Acrylic Art Piece

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They look like snapshots of real aquariums, don’t they? Well, believe it or not, it’s all just a bunch of paint and clear acrylic resin. Artists create these pieces by pouring a paper-thin layer of clear resin, painting the layer, and then adding a new layer on top of that. Eventually, you end up with a complete three-dimensional object suspended in a water-like environment. I realize this is a bit unusual, so here’s a video showing the artist Riusuke Fukahori in action.



You can definitely recognize Japanese elements in these art pieces. There’s an undeniable beauty in the simplicity and the artist perfectly utilizes negative space. Most of the art pieces portray popular scenes from Japanese aquascaping history such as this one, which looks like it could have come straight from a Japanese koi water garden.

Acrylic Art Piece with Goldfish

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I’m sure that most aquascapers would prefer to have an actual living goldfish, but these art pieces are an excellent way to complement the beauty of an existing aquascape. Generally speaking, you have to resort to subtle aesthetic tactics to bring out the features of your aquarium. Gentle, sweeping sculptures are reminiscent of running water and green paintings mirror the lush plant life of a freshwater aquarium to create a flow of color. These sculptures capture all of that and more, adding together the translucency of water and the three-dimensional depth of an aquatic world.


Freshwater Art Piece

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It’s always important to remember that your aquascape doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Just like any other piece of art, it interacts with every other feature of your living space. If you want to maximize the aesthetic impact of your aquarium, then it’s crucial that you pair your aquascape with complementary art pieces like this one.


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