5 Fish that Break the Color Mold

Pink Fish

Image source: Animal.memozee.com

Henry Ford famously wrote in his autobiography, “Any customer can have a car painted any colour that he wants so long as it is black.” Some people think the same thing about aquarium wildlife, that if you want a specific species of fish then you’re pretty much stuck with the default color. While that may be true for some species of fish, you’d be surprised by just how incredibly diverse fish coloration can be. So today, we’re going to break the mold by looking at interesting color options for some popular species.

1. Goldfish are More Like Rainbowfish

Blue Goldfish

Image source: Thegab.org

Whoever was in charge of naming goldfish clearly didn’t do all of his research. You always see goldfish with their iconic red-orange coloration, but goldfish come in a wide variety of colors including blue and purple. And if you prefer neutral tones, you can also get a goldfish in white or black. It’s too bad that “Everything-but-green-fish” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, because that would be the only way to accurately describe these colorful creatures.

2. Black Clownfish

Black Clownfish

Image source: Rateeveryanimal.com

Clownfish are instantly recognizable with their bright orange bodies and black-white stripe coloration. Well, if you like the stripe patterns but you aren’t a big fan of orange, there are a couple of different color options. The gold striped maroon clownfish, for example, bears truly unique rust-yellow colors.

3. Camouflage Fish

Blue-Striped Fangblenny

Image source: Dailymail.co.uk

Can’t make up your mind as to which color you want? Why not go with all colors at once? In addition to having an absolutely ridiculous name, the blue-striped fangblenny has the distinction of being one of the few fish in the world that can change its color to match its surroundings. This versatile fish can transform from bright yellow to a dull brown. Alternatively, you could always go for an octopus. These masters of disguise are well known for their ability to change their body color in mere seconds.

4. Beta Fish

Orange Beta Fish

Image source: Tireemlmezun.org

Beta fish are well known for their rich colors: blue, purple, and red swirl together in deep hues. These eye-catching fish can actually boast a wide range of colors, including orange, silver, yellow, and black. These variations are perfect if you adore the frilly fins of beta fish, but you don’t want the fish to overpower your aquascape with its vibrant purple-red colors.

5. Albinism and Melanism

Albino Fish

Image source: Pixerimage.com

Every once in a while, Mother Nature forgets to use a color printer and produces a fish with albinism or melanism. An albino fish doesn’t have any pigmentation whatsoever, giving it a ghostly white coloration. Melanism is the exact opposite — instead of producing no pigment, these creatures have too much pigment and have all-black bodies. It can be tough to find fish with albinism or melanism, but if you’re patient enough then you might be able to get your hands on one of these monochromatic beauties. One advantage is that these pigment irregularities can occur in virtually any species, so you could theoretically have albino puffer fish, albino angelfish, and albino tangs all living together in the same tank.


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