These Stunning Coral Close-Ups Will Make You Feel Groovy, Dude

Saltwater Timelapse

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Last week we looked at timelapse footage of aquariums as they slowly grew into stunningly beautiful aquascapes. As cool as the footage was, it’s hard to really appreciate timelapse videos that span months because you can’t replicate that same experience in everyday life. So today I thought I’d speed things up a bit by taking a look at aquarium timelapse footage that only takes place over a few minutes or hours. Get ready for a show — if you’ve never had the opportunity to watch a custom aquarium over the course of a day then you’re in for a real treat.

We’ll start off small at first. This video of the superman montipora coral (so named for its heroic red-and-blue coloration) shows the stunning transformation of this kryptonian coral. The video is a little bit slow to start with, so you might want to skip ahead to the dramatic crescendo (1:20) to see the really good stuff.

Next up we have two videos from the same person, jetstream01 on Youtube. This aquascaper pointed his camera at his custom saltwater aquarium and captured some truly unforgettable footage. I highly recommend that you watch this video on maximum resolution and at full screen — this saltwater transformation is just gorgeous.

This video was captured during a single sunrise. Of course, “sunrise” is kind of a misnomer — this saltwater aquarium uses lights to replicate a day-night cycle to ensure the health of the aquatic organisms. Sun or no sun, this is still an amazing scene. Every year in spring people get excited to see the flowers bloom. Flowers have nothing on saltwater coral — imagine being able to sit down and watch this spectacle every morning while you enjoy your daily cup of joe.

Jetstream01 sought to outdo himself with this second sunrise video. But that’s enough of me blabbing — nothing I say can come close to watching the beauty of this aquascape.

The one thing that you need to keep in mind with these videos is that these transformations happen on a daily basis, and this is in addition to the long-term transformations that you saw in the timelapse videos from Friday. Aquariums aren’t nearly as static as most people think, especially if you get a saltwater aquarium with highly active coral and anemone.

If these videos don’t make you want to go out and get a beautiful custom aquarium, then nothing will. You and I both know that you were blown away by these videos, so what’re you waiting for?


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