Feeding Time! Videos Prove Feeding Sea Creatures is the Greatest Show on Earth

Feeding Time

Image source: Flickr.com

Feeding time can be an exciting period for pets and pet owners alike. Pets get to enjoy a hearty meal given to them by their adoring masters, while pet owners can delight in the unbridled enthusiasm of a happily prancing dog, purring cat, or darting fish.

Feeding time is especially unique for aquascapers because sea creatures can have such — how shall I put this? — weird eating habits. Unlike cats, dogs, and other pets, which will gladly gobble up their food out of a bowl, aquatic animals like to munch on food by viciously attacking it. Honestly, that’s part of the allure. If you want to watch one of the strangest shows on Earth, then pull up a seat for chow time under the sea.

First up we’ve got the psychedelic Ricordea. This odd sea creature looks like it’s made out of equal parts neon lights, lava lamps, and nightmares. It’s both captivating and hideous, beautiful and alien.

Once you give a ricordea some grub, that’s when things get even weirder. This highly active predator will come alive as it uses its tentacle-like protrusions to push food into its central mouth. Yummers!

It’s kind of horrifying watching this thing eat, but at the same time I can’t seem to pull my eyes off of it. As an aquarium owner, you can look forward to captivating shows like this every single day. If your guests aren’t already impressed by the aquarium’s bright colors and rare sea life, they’ll surely be blown away by this dinner-time display.

You can’t talk about ringing the aquatic dinner bells without mentioning one of the most notorious freshwater carnivores of them all: piranhas. These infamous fish aren’t quite as beautiful as other freshwater fish, like goldfish and betas, but they will definitely add a bit of danger and excitement to a living space with their crazy feeding frenzies. Nothing will get your guests excited like the phrase, “So, do you want to see me feed the piranha?”

Yes, please!

Don’t worry — I haven’t forgotten about sharks. These voracious man-eaters are known for their unending appetite, so you can definitely expect an exciting show during feeding time. Aquarium sharks are usually pretty small, but what they lack in size they more than make up for in their appetite. These carnivores will attack juicy morsels with the same intensity as a great white shark… just on a much smaller scale.

As exciting as feeding time can be, it’s important that you don’t overfeed your fish. Going overboard can seriously impact the overall health of your fish, so you should always think of feeding time as a rare treat rather than something to do whenever you’re bored. Though, nobody will blame you if you try to schedule feeding time for when guests are around. Everybody loves a good show!


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