Transforming Your Entire Backyard Into an Aquarium with Smoke and Mirrors

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Window with Projected Ocean Footage

The thing that I’m about to share with you technically isn’t a real aquarium, but it’s so cool that I had to write about it. Take a look at the video and see if you can figure out what’s going on:

Nope, this isn’t an underwater home and those aren’t real live whales and sea turtles swimming by the dining room. It’s all a clever optical illusion that was created to replicate the feeling of dining underwater. Basically, they took a huge sheet and draped it over the outside of the windows. Then, they used an advanced projector to play high resolution footage of aquatic animals. You can’t see any of the projection equipment or the sheet from inside the home, so it looks as though sea creatures are languidly swimming through the backyard.

The creator described the process, “My friend David Delgado and I put this together for a friend’s birthday party. She is an Aquarius and totally into that sort of thing, so for her 65th birthday we wanted to do something about water.

“These windows look out into her back yard. We hung a sheet on the outside (using binder clips to attach it to the gutter), then placed a 6000 lumen projector with a super wide angle lens in the back yard rear projecting onto the screen. It turned out to be super believable! The window frames really made it feel like you are looking into another world.”

Aquarium Built Into Wall

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Talk about some amazing friends! I wish I had buddies who would give me such a great birthday experience. But then again, I’m a Scorpio, so maybe it’s best that my friends aren’t bombarding me with images of horse-sized scorpions skittering across my living room walls.

I thought of a clever way that you could incorporate this type of aesthetic into your aquarium. Obviously, you can’t turn your entire backyard into an aquarium, but what you can do is make it look like you did.

Start with an aquarium that’s built into your walls, like the ones from this article. Then, dress up the area around your aquarium to make it look like a window. You could place a t-shaped piece of wood over the aquarium glass to make it look like the aquarium is actually made of window panes. You could even add a sill, shades, or curtains to really drive home the effect. Putting all of these features together will make it look as though the aquarium is outside of your house. This will add some drama and fun to any living space!

Aquarium Window

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You could even have some fun with your guests when they visit you for the first time. Ask them to pull back the curtains and then watch them marvel over the jaw-dropping view.

I realize that this idea is a bit out there, but not every aquarium needs to be classy and elegant. This aquarium idea is perfect if you’re trying to add a little bit of fun to a living space or if you want to build an aquarium in your child’s room. What child wouldn’t want a room that makes him feel like he’s in a deep sea submarine?


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