Just How Big is the Ocean, Anyway?

Size of the Ocean

Image source: YouTube.com

I’m going to take a slight departure from our normal content today to talk about something very near and dear to my heart: water. Most people know that water occupies most of the surface of the Earth, but just how much water is their flowing through the deep blue sea, anyway?

Narrator Scott Gass tackled that massive question during a recent Ted Talk. I don’t think I’ll get anywhere close to conveying the grandeur of the world’s oceans by myself, so I’ll let you hear it straight from the seahorse’s mouth:

The video is equal parts fascinating and uplifting. The ocean is by far the most important feature of our planet in terms of biodiversity and sustaining life, but it’s also our collective responsibility to watch after it so that future generations can enjoy the splendor of the world’s oceans.

If that video didn’t show you the importance of the ocean, then maybe these infographics will.

Ocean Commerce Infographic

Image source: Globalpartnershipforoceans.org

Linked to more than 350 million jobs, it’s probably accurate to say that the ocean is the world’s biggest international employer. If the ocean ever goes kaput, then a huge chunk of the world’s population will be out of a job.

Just how bad off is the ocean, anyway? These infographics should help put it into perspective:

Ocean Plastic Infographic

Image source: Oneworldoneocean.com

Microplastics are poisoning the fish of the world, which in turn poisons us. To make matters worse, global warming, overfishing, and pollution are slowly killing off the world’s supply of sea creatures.

Ocean Threats

Image source: Infographicsshowcase.com

To use Gass’s terminology, the ocean is a BIG deal. As an aquarium owner, it’s important to be a responsible world citizen who recycles and supports sustainable aquarium practices. What good is taking all of the fish out of the ocean for food and aquarium displays if we destroy the ocean’s ecosystems while we’re at it?


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