Weird Aquarium News: Men Steal 400 Koi in Broad Daylight


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Installing an aquarium in your office is a great way to boost your business. A gorgeous custom aquarium in the waiting room beats a muted TV any day of the week, the aquarium could attract customers, it makes your business look much more professional and polished, and the aquarium can cut down on the amount of office stress by creating a soothing atmosphere.

However, you have to be careful of fish theft.

Huh? Is that a real thing?

Yep. As weird as it sounds, an aquarium or pond aquascape could be targeted by potential fish snatchers. Last month, two older men who were dressed in white shirts and khakis strolled into Dulles Corner Park in Herndon, Virginia, in order to perform maintenance on the massive koi pond that was installed there. The two men provided business cards to security officials and explained that they were there to perform maintenance. Their story seemed to check out — the name of the business on their business cards was actually the name of the company that maintained the pond.

The guards let them through, and on the Saturdays and Sundays of two consecutive weekends the men managed to empty the pond of four hundred koi.

Still, something smelled fishy. After further investigation, security officials discovered that it was all a sham. The company that maintained the pond doesn’t employ the two men. In fact, the company had never even heard of them before, and company officials had no clue how the two men got their hands on official business cards. Altogether, the company estimates that the stolen koi were worth a whopping $20,000!

Fairfax police are investigating the grand theft, but they haven’t reported any major breakthroughs. It’s not like they can go hit up their contacts in the local black fish market.

Koi Fish

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David Dec, who sells koi from a Colorado-based company, told reporters, “Stealing 400 Koi fish would take a lot of work and preparation.” Indeed — the men would have had to have a massive storage area for the stolen fish. Could these two men be the greatest fish thieves of our generation?

Surprisingly, this theft isn’t quite as rare as you might think. It’s a bit strange to see men orchestrate a plan to steal a bunch of fish, but it really isn’t any more outlandish than petty crooks sneaking into construction sites to strip the area of copper. Koi theft is actually a fairly big problem over in Europe, with some people referring to the thieves as the “koi mafia.”

The problem isn’t nearly as bad over here in the States, but be careful nonetheless. You might want to consider pairing your aquarium purchase with some insurance or a video surveillance system. Do you think that SeaWorld maintains a good security system? You’d better believe it. Protect your investment by taking the steps to ensure that your aquascape will be safe from vandals and thieves.


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