Can Crowdfunding Help You Build Your Aquarium?

Japanese Pygmy Angelfish

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Hey, how would you like to help me build my next aquarium? I’d really like to install a freshwater aquascape in my bedroom, so if you could send a few bucks my way I’d really appreciate it. No? Not interested? Expecting strangers to fund your aquascaping project might seem a bit far-fetched, but apparently crowdfunding is proving to be an effective solution for some aquascapers. Crowdfunding has been used to complete all kinds of unique projects, so why can’t aquascapers get in on the action as well?

Karen Brittain is both an aquascaper and a fish breeder. But this fish matchmaker doesn’t like to aim for easy projects — she picks some of the rarest and most fickle fish species out there. Back in February, for example, she made waves in the aquascaping community by successfully breeding a bandit angelfish, and before that a watanabe angelfish. This time, she has her sights set on making her beautiful Japanese pygmy angelfish a proud parent. The Japanese pygmy angelfish is extremely rare, which is unfortunate because it’s so incredibly colorful and gorgeous.

The species’ beauty and rarity means that it’s expensive. They usually come with a multi-thousand-dollar price tag, which is a major problem for Brittain. Purchasing one of these fish is already hard enough — purchasing a second is a serious strain on the bank account. So, she has turned to aquascapers like you and me. In a project she calls, “Get a Girlfriend for Fabio,” Brittain is attempting to unite her eligible fish bachelor with a saucy vixen who’s ready to settle down a start a family.

Brittain exceeded the $3500 goal and as of this moment, has $3920 and 24 days remaining on her Indiegogo site. That just goes to show that the aquascaping community cares just as much about its members as it does about endangered species in coral reefs.

Angelfish Larva in Egg

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You might be able to follow in Brittain’s footsteps and use crowdfunding to support your own aquascaping hobby. Obviously, you can’t just ask for money because you want a new aquarium and expect people to whip out their credit cards. Like Brittain, your best bet is to bolster the crowdfunding campaign with a compelling story or noble objective. Are you trying to build a home for endangered species? Do you rescue sick or wounded fish and nurture them until they make a full recovery? The more inspiring your story, the more likely it is that strangers will support your cause.

Brittain also tempted aquascaping fans with the promise that she would painstakingly document the progress. Few aquascapers are lucky enough to see this ultra-rare fish, and only a handful of people on Earth have ever seen Japanese pygmy fish breed in captivity. Gaining access to the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see a cloud of young Japanese pygmy fish is definitely worth a few bucks! Don’t you think that’s worth the price of admission?

Japanese Pygmy Angelfish

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