Behold the German Ingenuity Behind the Lake Rotsee Refuge

Lake Rotsee Refuge

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You’d be hard-pressed to find a person who wouldn’t absolutely adore owning a home on a lake or river. A lake house is a quintessential “look what I’ve got!” piece of real estate that can make all of your friends be extra nice to you during vacation season. If you truly want to be the envy of all of your friends, though, forget having a vacation home next to a lake and have a vacation home on the lake.

Check out this brand-spanking-new building in Lake Rotsee Refuge at Lucerne, Switzerland. This modern architectural marvel was built by AFGH Architekten, which is a Germany-based company. All of the official releases are in German and I don’t sprechen sie deutsch very well (as in, I don’t speak at all), so some of the finer details about this project might get lost in translation.

German Lake Refuge

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The architects attempted to highlight the fact that this building is of two worlds. The massive structure is placed near the shore, which draws attention to the aquatic-terrestrial balance. The building has heavy, industrial-strength concrete pillars for support, which are contrasted by the bright timber that composes the walls of the building itself. The architects explained that they utilized these two contrasting materials to highlight the “hybrid-like character of the building.” Additionally, the building will constantly alternate between two states: open and active during the warmer seasons when the nearby rowing team will use it as their activity hub, and closed during the off-season.

German Aquatic Architecture

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One of the neat things about the building is that the inhabitants can completely transform the building’s shape by moving around a few shutters and sliding panels. The architects specifically designed this one-of-a-kind structure to be perfectly suited to any season. During the colder seasons, the panels are closed off to create a safely enclosed structure akin to a locked treasure chest, which should prevent vandalism and damage from Mother Nature when nobody is around. During the warmer seasons, the panels open up to let in waves of sunlight, creating an open and playful environment that the rowers should adore.

Lake Rotsee Refuge During Warm and Cold Seasons

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Closed and open. Isolated and inviting. Water and land. You can easily incorporate similar architectural and aesthetic principles into your own projects. Why not fuse land and water together to create a stunning aquascape? Why not toy with perceptions of inside versus outside to make a building’s interior feel more open and organic? The possibilities are nearly limitless — all you need is the right inspiration. AFGH Architekten used the shoreline of Lake Rotsee as the catalyst for this gorgeous refuge. Follow in their footsteps and take your home or office to the next level with an absolutely stunning piece of aquatic-terrestrial art.

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