Find Inspiration From These Stunning Backyard Aquascapes

Outside Aquascape

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The greatest thing about aquatic architecture is its versatility. You can add water to literally any living space, in any home on planet Earth. Today we’re going to highlight the beauty and incredible versatility of aquatic art by demonstrating how just a little bit of H2O can completely transform a backyard.

Backyard Pond Aquascape

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Many people dream of living on their own personal island. That’s prohibitively expensive, so homeowners can always opt for the next best thing: a backyard island. This serene pond provides homeowners with the ultimate escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. I mean, just look at it. I’m not even sure if it’s physically possible to feel stressed out while you’re reclined beneath that wicker half-dome enclosure. Water is perfect for building a personal sanctuary because being surrounded by water adds to feelings of isolation and the calm, reflective surface has a soothing effect on the human mind.

Waterfall Aquascape

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The sound of flowing water is universally adored. It’s kind of odd — I mean, when you think about it, it seems logical that people would get stressed out or annoyed the constant sound. In fact, the opposite is true. People are drawn to the sound of flowing water as surely as a moth to a flame. This bridge-like structure can transform any backyard space into a beautiful manmade waterfall. Just make sure that it’s placed far away from your neighbors. The constant sound of water will be soothing for you, but for your neighbors it will only serve as a constant reminder of how envious they are of your aquascape.

Japanese-Inspired Aquascape

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I absolutely adore the Japanese aesthetic. This tidy aquascape draws inspiration from Japanese gardens and the perfectly organized geometry of modern art. The scene is simultaneously chaotic and orderly, creating a feeling that  nature has found peace despite the chaos.

Small Fountain Aquascape

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Don’t have a massive backyard capable of holding such a huge aquascape? Shouldn’t be a problem. Even the smallest fountains can have an incredibly calming effect. With many fountains as small as a mixing bowl, you can easily insert a custom aquascape into any home setting. The aquascape will be beautifully eye-catching despite its size and the sound of bubbling water will permeate the area.

Open Air Indoor Pond

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There are a near-limitless number of options for aquascapes. You could take a page out of their book, for example, and incorporate a stunning pond into your open-air living room.

It honestly doesn’t matter what type of aesthetic you have implemented in your home — aquascapes, much like the reflective water that they emphasize, will reflect and enhance the beauty of any living space.


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