Watch Jaws in Style with This Floating Movie Theater

Floating Movie Theater

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Have you ever been floating out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and thought to yourself, “This is really nice but the one thing missing is an awesome movie”?

No? Me neither! Trips to the beach are usually so awesome that you don’t need to supplement the experience with a movie on the silver screen. That doesn’t mean that you wouldn’t welcome the opportunity, though — a summer blockbuster at the beach is like the cherry on top of a mouth-watering ice cream sundae.

In that vein of thought, behold the incredible floating movie theater! Designed by Ole Schreen, a German architect based out of Beijing, this floating cinema gives people a movie experience unlike any other. Schreen designed the theater as part of the Film on the Rocks Yao Noi film festival.

Schreen Movie Theater

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This looks like one of those multi-million dollar projects, but Schreen actually managed to scrap together the theater on a shoestring budget. Screen borrowed rafts and tires from fisherman and used those as the base for the theater. Once the show was over, he returned the flotation devices back to the original owners. Schreen’s screen may not be gone forever, though. A lucky few might get a floating movie experience.

And man oh man am I envious. I’d love to watch water-related movies on a screen like that — something like Jaws or Pacific Rim.

Sometimes when I feature piece of aquatic architecture, I don’t ever expect my readers to be able to replicate the design. At most, you could draw inspiration from the architecture and incorporate it into your own aquascapes. With this floating theater, however, you could very easily replicate this in your backyard. You’d have to scale it down, obviously, but building something like this wouldn’t be too terribly difficult or expensive.

Schreen Movie Theater

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I mean, realistically someone who’s good with his hands could build a floating theater all by himself with some tires, plenty of wood, and a few basic tools. The floating theater and water-proofed electronics would be a bit pricier, but it would still be within range of some budgets.

The project could easily be scaled down for people who don’t have thousands of dollars to throw at an entertainment center like this. If your home is set on a lake, for example, you could ditch the floating theater and instead create a floating movie screen. Friends and family could hang out on the shore and project a movie onto the distant screen. That would cut out pricey electronics because you could keep all of the movie gear on dry land.

Floating Theater

Image source: Huffington Post

Alternatively, you could cut the floating screen and design a Schreen-inspired floating platform for lounging on your lake, stream, or even out in the ocean. Don’t have a massive lake in your backyard? No problem. Add floating wooden structures to your pond or aquascape, and then project lasers or colored lights across the water. Your aquascape will light up in a beautiful display that would be reminiscent of Japan’s firefly festival.


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