This Gorgeous Modern Home Uses Water in 3 Completely Different Ways

Spanish House

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I absolutely adore modern architecture. The crisp right angles and sleek materials put my mind at ease. I love the simple, uncluttered rooms that emphasize open air and structural harmony. So naturally, this modern custom home located in Madrid, Spain is right up my alley.

Modern House

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The first thing worth noting is how incredibly coherent the overall aesthetic is. Every single aspect of the house (even the little girl’s room that has pink furniture and Hello Kitty pillows) highlights right angles and refined simplicity.

Modern Little Girl's Room

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I could go on all day about the overall architecture, but we’re going to focus our attention on the architects’ use of water. The architects installed a massive water garden that can’t be more than a few inches deep. The symmetrical, perfectly rectangular pools of water draw attention to the carefully manicured rock garden. The water level is also nearly even with the rim of the pool, which highlights the fact that the water is comparatively still and quiet. It feels almost as though the water is exercising restraint, that the harmony of the surrounding architecture as stilled the turmoil at its heart and caused it to rest peacefully at the brim of these two symmetrical pools.

Symmetrical Pools

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Not everything in modern architecture has to be perfectly symmetrical. The pool has an admittedly odd configuration with two peninsula-like dividers jutting out into the water. It’s an interesting choice — visually weighing one side of the pool more heavily than the other side adds an artistic element and makes the area feel somewhat more natural.

Swimming Pool

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This home is already far ahead of the curve with two aquatic architecture installations, but there’s actually a third aquatic art piece in another area of the house. Here, residents can recline on appropriately streamline chairs and gaze out at a perfectly still underground pool. The distant ceiling and the sloping hill gives the area an underground vibe. Paired with the cooling body of water, you can almost feel the temperature drop in this room. It’s a perfect refuge for unwinding after one of Madrid’s hot summer days.

Underground Lounge

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I have to say, these architects used water masterfully with the creation of this house. They took advantage of water in nearly every category — the rock garden focus on the aesthetics of water, the swimming pool allows residents to splash around and play Marco Polo, and the underground pool utilizes the naturally cooling qualities of a large body of water. The only thing that’s missing is an aquarium!

1 thought on “This Gorgeous Modern Home Uses Water in 3 Completely Different Ways

  1. Cynthia Bardwell

    This is absolutely beautiful! I would love the opportunity to see this in person. I understand that it is a private residence, but I can dream. It is such inspiration for designing my own dream home.


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