Beautiful Outdoor Showers That Will Make You Want to Go Nude in Your Own Backyard

Outdoor shower


Given the choice between swimming in a swimming pool or swimming in a natural body of water like a lake or the beach, I pick nature every time. There’s just something so authentic about going out into the wilderness and diving into a completely natural body of water. There’s only one catch, though: swimming alongside fish won’t exactly leave you spring fresh. Plus, if you live near the beach then by the time you return to your home you’re covered in a thin layer of sand.

Enclosed Outdoor Shower

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That’s why outdoor showers are an absolute must-have for homes that are built on lakefront of beachfront property. Don’t get trapped into thinking that your backyard shower can’t be as attractive as every other fixture of your home. With the right artistic direction, you can have an absolutely gorgeous outdoor shower.

One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to artfully enclose your shower with some sort of barrier. This approach means that the shower won’t mar the overall aesthetic of your backyard, and it has the added benefit of giving people in the shower a little bit of privacy.

Backyard Shower

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Another clever alternative is to incorporate the shower into the overall design of your home. With this strategy your shower will be much more obvious, but it won’t be a big deal because the shower will look like it belongs there. I mean, does the outdoor shower pictured below look ugly? On the contrary, the chair is almost as inviting as the beach itself. On a hot summer day, it would feel amazing to recline in that chair and let the water from the shower flow over you.

Backyard Shower

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This outdoor bathroom follows the same principle. The rock wall and rock floor work together to create a cohesive aesthetic.

Rock Shower

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Personally, my favorite solution is to disguise your shower by making it look like a fountain, waterfall, or some other aquatic fixture. At first glance the water installation in the picture below isn’t obviously a shower. It’s only after you consider the enclosed wall and the bench that it becomes obvious that this fixture is for washing off lake and beach gunk.

Fountain Shower

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You could even incorporate the shower into a larger aquascape like a pond or fountain. For example, you could have the water from the fountain-shower run into a nearby natural pond. You just have to be careful not to use any soap, though. Fish won’t mind if a little bit of lake crud finds its way into their pond, but they won’t be very happy if you start dumping shampoo and soap into their homes.

Overall, try to keep an open mind about your shower. Your backyard shower, just like custom aquariums and every other aquatic fixture, can be a beautiful addition to your home.

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