Bringing Nature Inside with a Custom Indoor Pond

Indoor Pond at a Mall

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We’ve all heard of indoor pools… but what about an indoor pond? It might sound strange, but really the idea isn’t very far-fetched. If anything, it’s relatively tame compared to all of the other far-out innovations in aquatic architecture, like floating schools and underwater hotels.

Ponds have a lot of advantages over other aquascapes. They form the perfect union of land and water in a verdant aquascape that’s virtually teeming with life. The thing that I personally love so much about ponds is their small size. I realize, of course, that lakes, rivers, and beaches are much more visually impressive than ponds, but ponds are definitely an example where good things come in small packages. They’re small enough that they can fit anywhere, and you can create a manmade pond if you want to spice up your backyard.

Porch Pond

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The other big difference between ponds and other bodies of water is that ponds have stagnant water, which is a perfect breeding ground for insects. That’s an advantage in a way because you attract beautiful insects like dragonflies and the birds that munch on them, but the downside is that your backyard can become a spawning ground for mosquitoes and other unwelcome vermin.

Indoor Pond in an Office Building

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That’s the great thing about an indoor pond. You get the relaxing beauty of an aquascape without the cloud of stinging insects. Plus, your pond will cut down on your cooling bills — the indoor body of water will naturally cool the surrounding living space. Just be careful that there aren’t any sensitive materials that could be damaged by high humidity.

An indoor pond could fit anywhere in your home, but there are obviously some rooms that are better suited than others. Porches and enclosed decks are ideal. Installing a large water fixture in other rooms of the house could cause you to run into humidity and dampness issues, especially if the room isn’t properly ventilated.

Past that, it’s entirely up to you how you use ponds to beautify your living space. You could go an Asian-inspired route and create an indoor water garden.

Indoor Koi Pond

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Or you could go for more a jungle motif and fill a living space with hundreds of different plant species that hang over a beautiful, fish-filled pond.

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Indoor Pond

And then there’s always the option of going with something totally bizarre, like a personal bar protected by a tiny moat.

Bar with Water Fixture

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