Eggcelent Craftsmanship and Aquascaping Inspiration with the Beautiful Exbury Egg

Exbury Egg

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I’m the type of guy who adores minimalism. I’ll take big open spaces over clutter any day of the week, I usually think that the best type of art object is no art object at all, and I tend to avoid over-complication. I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that Stephen Turner, the designer of Exbury Egg, shares my love of simplicity and minimalism.

The Exbury Egg is, to put it simply, a floating wooden egg home. The egg is tiny — in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you have a room in your home that’s bigger than the entirety of the egg. The egg contains virtually everything that you’d need to live a comfortable life: a shower, a hammock, a desk, and cooking implements. Well, unless you’re the type of person who hates minimalism. In that case, the tiny living quarters would probably feel more like a prison than a home.

Exbury Egg in Harbor

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Turner designed the egg so that it could fit in perfectly with nature. The exterior is made entirely out of wood, which was carefully wrapped around the shell to create simple but aesthetically pleasing design. Turner explained that he intentionally chose a light color of wood so that the egg could easily show the wear and tear from the elements. The philosophy here seems to be, “Why bother paining my humble home when rain, tides, and wind will color my home for me?”

The eventually-colored wood will inevitably shine as the most beautiful aspect of the egg because, to put it simply, there just aren’t enough other features to catch your eye. There’s a door, a sky window, a small opening that acts as a chimney, and a star-shaped stained wood installment on the back of the egg.

Exbury Egg Interior

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Obviously, you don’t need to sell your house and live the rest of your days in the Exbury Egg in order to enjoy the beauty of minimalist artwork. All you need is a beautiful custom aquascape. There’s a good reason why water is so popular among minimalist art. For one, it’s about as simple as it gets. Can you think of anything as uncomplicated as water? Second, much of the beauty of water lies in that simplicity. In fact, many would argue that water is most beautiful when it’s perfectly still and devoid of any cloudy impurities.

Feel free to draw upon the Exbury Egg to get inspiration for your home aquascape. Turner proved that you don’t need to be complicated or flashy to draw people’s attention — all you need are simple shapes and the natural beauty of nature.

Exbury Egg Interior

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