Sea, Forest, and Sky: The Stunning Alila Villas Uluwatu

Bali Villa

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I’ll just come straight out and admit it: I wish that I lived in Bali. They’ve got beautiful weather, crystal blue beaches, and a thriving industry that caters to making you as comfortable and happy as humanly possible. Tourist communities rely on stunning architecture to attract tourists — they need modern buildings that take full advantage of the environment’s natural beauty.

The Indonesian resort Alila Villas Uluwatu does that in spades. This collection of three bedroom homes was built with the intention of residents buying the property and permanently moving in. The architects, Woha, clearly did everything within their power to bring the beauty of the surrounding landscape into the living spaces.

The first thing worth noting is the height of the buildings and the infinity pools. The high vantage point offers an unobstructed view of the nearby sea, and the infinity pools spill over the side of the buildings to give the impression that the pool is an extension of Mother Nature.

Infinity Pool

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The other feature that I absolutely adore is how the architects attempted to bring in as much natural light as possible. Rather than having closed-off rooms, they made liberal use of extended ceilings to offer plenty of shade to people lounging outside.

Conversely, the rooms of the house have tall, wide windows to let in natural light and keep the interior bathed in sunlight.

Clear Class Room

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This chic gazebo is the perfect representation of the homes’ overall design philosophy. The incomplete walls give the impression of seclusion and privacy, while the gaps in the walls make it seem as though the living space is part of nature. On the far size of the gazebo are the green peaks of trees swaying in the breeze, and on the near side is a serene pool. It makes people feel as if they’re surrounded by nature on all sides, even though the swimming pool was entirely manmade.

Bali Gazebo

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These architects took advantage of the Balinese weather to fuse water, nature, and architecture into a stunning living space. Even if you live in an area the world that isn’t renowned for its gorgeous weather, you can still incorporate the surrounding environment into your home. I mean, just look at the legendary Fallingwater home. Pennsylvania isn’t exactly famous for its sunny weather, but architect Frank Lloyd nonetheless brought the beauty of the landscape into the home. So no matter where you live, consider using this inspiration at home!


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