Put Up Your Feet and Relax at… an Oil Rig?!

Oil Rig Resort

Image source: Inhabitat.com

We tend to associate certain locations with luxury and relaxation: the beach, the spa, a five star hotel, a cabin at the edge of a serene lake, an oil rig

An oil rig?? Yep — if the Houston-based firm Morris Architects gets its way, then oil rigs may join the ranks of cruise ships and beachfront hotels for vacation hot spots. The firm entered a competition co-sponsored by the John Hardy Group and Hospitality Design magazine to create a radical innovation in the hospitality industry. Morris Architects earned a cool $10,000 with their stunning oil rig resort.

The firm stated, “In a twist on the symbol of oil dependence, the rig is transformed from obsolete industrial infrastructure into a vibrant component of the biosphere’s ecosystem and a destination for discerning travelers.”

Oil Rig Resort Room

Image source: Inhabitat.com

The more you think about it, the better the idea seems. After all, there are countless derelict oil rigs dotting the ocean, so why not transform them into something useful? The buildings would already have the infrastructure to support a swanky resort. Plumbing, electricity, and cooking installments are already in place — all you’d need is to knock down a few walls, install a swimming pool, and add luxurious furniture so that vacationers could relax in style.

This resort even has a couple of features that might make it more tempting than a beachside hotel or a cruise ship. Unlike busy hotels or a massive cruise ship, the comparatively small size of this resort lends itself to a feeling of isolation and serenity — perfect for the reclusive introverts out there. Also, the fact that the resort is firmly rooted in the sea floor means that it can comfortably accommodate vacationers regardless of how bad the weather gets. Despite their massive size, cruise ships do rock back and forth (especially during stormy weather). An oil rig resort could be the perfect choice for vacationers who have trouble getting seasick.

Who knows — maybe this unorthodox idea will catch on. This isn’t the first time that somebody has suggested transforming an old oil rig into a luxury getaway. Seaventures Dive Resort was an old rig that was refitted into a tiny hotel for divers. It’s not nearly as massive as what Morris Architects proposed — Seaventures can only host a few dozen people and the rooms are actually quite small. That’s because the emphasis is on scuba diving and not on sipping pina coladas. In that instance, divers are generally willing to overlook humble accommodations because they’re going to spend most of their day under the deep blue sea, anyway.

But the question remains: can an oil rig truly compete with a massive, 20-story hotel? Can Morris Architects transform an old oil rig into the new, hot place to be? Would you be willing to spend thousands of dollars and a week of hard-earned vacation days relaxing at a former oil rig? Let us know in the comments!

Oil Rig Resort

Image source: Inhabitat.com

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