The Venus Project: Rebuilding Society With Giant Floating Cities

The Venus Project

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I’ve come across some pretty ambitious architectural projects before. Up until now, I think the most ambitious project would probably be this massive floating city. I mean, it’s hard to top something like that, right?

The folks behind The Venus Project would scoff at that minuscule floating city. They don’t just want to create a few nifty buildings — they want to completely rebuild human society from the ground up. That includes building a new resource-based economy, designing robots to take care of our daily needs, and gigantic oceanic cities both above and below the water. It’s a beautiful plan… they just need to get 7.1 billion people to sign up.

The Venus Project

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I’m honestly not sure which is more ambitious: trying to redesign human society, or hoping to get everybody on Earth to agree to your crazy plan. Well, in any event, convincing people may not be as difficult as you might think. The renders of their utopian future are actually quite beautiful — I wouldn’t mind living in a world that the Venus Project envisions.

This sweeping “S” city, for example, beautifully combines manmade and natural spaces. According to the description on the site, this floating city would be anchored to the ocean floor, which would make it “virtually unsinkable.”

The Venus Project

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Is that a bit too urban for your tastes? The Venus Project also promises small floating apartment buildings that are just a short distance off the shore of major cities like Tokyo or New York. The website promises that the “materials used in such projects would be engineered to withstand the corrosive effects of the harsh ocean environment.”

Floating Community

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Theoretically, these offshore communities would be able to farm fish in much the same way that farmers raise livestock on land. The designers hope that switching to sustainable farming methods would revitalize the world’s aquatic ecosystems, which are gradually being demolished by overfishing.

Overall, it’s a fairly interesting plan. I easy to see where they’re coming from — mankind isn’t using sustainable practices and there’s a good chance that aquatic architecture could hold the key to our salvation. However, hoping to redesign the entire world is a bit unrealistic. The only practical way to work towards that goal is to take baby steps, converting city after city to aquatic living. What they really need is a test city so that they can point to it and prove just how effective the Venus Project really is.

The Venus Project

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They may have to work against human nature, though. As beautiful as these floating cities are, would you be willing to say goodbye to terra firma for good and live the rest of your days atop a massive floating city?


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