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Floating Golf Courses Offer Hope to the Maldives

Floating Golf Courses

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It isn’t very often that people talk about golf courses as a way to help with some of the world’s most pressing water issues.   Most of the time, they are criticized for using an enormous amount of water, particularly, in America, in western states like Arizona or Nevada which are beginning to experience the low thrum of an upcoming crisis.  But, in the Maldive Islands, where the issue is not too little water, but the threat of too much, amazing floating island golf courses might be an answer to their desperation.

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Dutch Villa Blends Nature and Architecture in Dazzling Harmony


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It is obvious that the Netherlands have a slight problem with water.  Heck, we talked about it on Monday- the country risks massive floods in the coming decades, and their architects and engineers are trying to figure out how to cope with it.  But that doesn’t mean that they don’t appreciate the power and beauty of water.  Indeed, people who deal with the sea tend to have more of a respect and love for it than the landlocked.   A Dutch coastal villa shows just how much beauty can be extracted from nature, put into a gorgeous man-made setting.

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Louvre, Abu Dhabi Style

Louvre in Abu Dhabi

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The Louvre in France is one of the most distinctive and well-known buildings in the world, both for the jaw-dropping, breath-taking collection of art inside its walls, and for the walls itself.  A 13th century palace, the Louvre is a masterpiece of classic architecture, with its sprawling and elegant length pushed hard against the graceful banks of the Seine, the museum is as much an attraction as the Mona Lisa.  It is both a testament to an a reflection of the long history of France- like Paris itself, it has stood the test of time, and contains multitudes of centuries inside its hallowed walls.  Continue reading

Floating Eco-Igloos: A House That Rises With the Seas

Floating home

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The Netherlands are famous for several things, including their famous walls, which every once in a great while little Dutch boys have to stick their fingers in to prevent flooding.  Or so the story goes.   The reason for these walls is because the Netherlands is a country- like Bangladesh- that is essentially at sea level.   Throughout the centuries, the Dutch have struggled, sometimes successfully, sometimes not, to contain the sea.   They have even begun a series of controlled floods.   The problem is only going to get worse with global climate change, which will raise sea levels worldwide.

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5 Beautiful Alternatives to a Backyard Swimming Pool

Backyard Pond

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I have a love-hate relationship with swimming pools. On the one hand, swimming pools are just plain fun. On the other hand, I kind of feel like people don’t really put a lot of thought into swimming pools. I mean, swimming pools are so popular that for a lot people they are the default solution for backyard entertainment. “What should we put in our backyard? Let’s just throw in a pool!” Continue reading