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Can Luxury Aquariums Double as Natural Swimming Pools?

Swimming Pond

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How would you like to swim with the fishes? No, I don’t mean in the “killed by the mafia” sense of the phrase — I mean literally swim alongside fish. Some squeamish folk may not be keen on the idea, but others adore the idea of a natural, beautiful aquascape that is both an art piece and a swimming pool. But is such a thing even possible? Continue reading


Bringing Nature Inside with a Custom Indoor Pond

Indoor Pond at a Mall

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We’ve all heard of indoor pools… but what about an indoor pond? It might sound strange, but really the idea isn’t very far-fetched. If anything, it’s relatively tame compared to all of the other far-out innovations in aquatic architecture, like floating schools and underwater hotels. Continue reading

Find Inspiration From These Stunning Backyard Aquascapes

Outside Aquascape

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The greatest thing about aquatic architecture is its versatility. You can add water to literally any living space, in any home on planet Earth. Today we’re going to highlight the beauty and incredible versatility of aquatic art by demonstrating how just a little bit of H2O can completely transform a backyard. Continue reading

"Woosh… Tunk!" Goes the Japanese Shishi-Odoshi

Shishi-Odenshi for Japanese-Themed Aquascapes

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So, you’ve set up a gorgeous backyard pond aquascape only to discover that deer and other animals view the plant life like some sort of all-you-can-eat buffet. Putting up a fence will distract from the beauty of your aquascape, and you can’t exactly patrol your property with a shotgun all day. Continue reading

4 Unique Floating Art Ideas for Your Pond Aquascape

White Lily Pad Flower Floating in Pond

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What’s the one thing that’s always associated with ponds? Water lilies, of course. These iconic plants have captured the hearts of aquascapers ever since Claude Monet’s first began lovingly painting these delicate white flowers. Continue reading

Can You Really Fit a Pond in Your Living Room? Yes!

Okeanos Group Indoor Pond

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A few days ago, we took a look at how custom koi ponds can transform an indoor business space into a beautiful centerpiece. Ponds are the perfect fit for large office building lobbies, but what about private residences? Would it be possible to install a pond into an everyday living space? Continue reading

Bring Your Business to the Next Level with An Indoor Koi Pond

Indoor Koi Pond in Corporate Building

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How much would you pay to advertise your business? Entrepreneurs put up billboards, create clever marketing taglines, and lead online marketing campaigns to ensure that their business is a success. But what happens when customers walk into your business? Is your office space striking enough that customers will never forget it? Will they tell their friends about this “amazing office building” that they visited? A great way to make a brilliant first impression is to wow your potential customers with a breath-taking indoor pond. Continue reading