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Can Luxury Aquariums Double as Natural Swimming Pools?

Swimming Pond

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How would you like to swim with the fishes? No, I don’t mean in the “killed by the mafia” sense of the phrase — I mean literally swim alongside fish. Some squeamish folk may not be keen on the idea, but others adore the idea of a natural, beautiful aquascape that is both an art piece and a swimming pool. But is such a thing even possible? Continue reading


Be Inspired by This Whimsical, Seuss-Like Water Park As Envisioned by JDS Architects

Seussical Water Park

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What would it look like if Theodor Seuss Geisel (you may know him as Dr. Seuss) had gone into architecture instead of children’s books? It’s hard to say for sure, but I imagine that his design for a public water park would look a little bit like this: Continue reading

Japan's Olympic Aquatic Center Design May Fall Flat

Japanese Olympic Swimmers

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In case you haven’t already heard (which seems unlikely, considering all of the press it got) Japan won the bid to host the Olympic Games in 2020. Obviously, Japan has some pretty big shoes to fill. Beijing set the bar with their iconic Beijing Water Cube, the gorgeous Bird’s Nest Stadium, and an opening ceremony that likely won’t be topped anytime soon. London’s display was pretty impressive, but it was a far cry from the architectural marvels in Beijing. Will Japan be able to one-up its neighbor to the west? Continue reading

5 Beautiful Alternatives to a Backyard Swimming Pool

Backyard Pond

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I have a love-hate relationship with swimming pools. On the one hand, swimming pools are just plain fun. On the other hand, I kind of feel like people don’t really put a lot of thought into swimming pools. I mean, swimming pools are so popular that for a lot people they are the default solution for backyard entertainment. “What should we put in our backyard? Let’s just throw in a pool!” Continue reading

China Goes BIG with New Century Global Center's Indoor Beach

New Century Global Center

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China has a reputation for being big. It’s the third largest country in the world (assuming that we exclude Antarctica), it has the largest population of any country by far, and it now officially has the world’s biggest building. Behold the New Century Global Center, a building so incredibly massive that it has its own indoor beach. Continue reading